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The Weekend vol. 5

Happy Halloween, nuts! We certainly partook in the festivities this weekend, attending a costume party and then hitting the town. Below you’ll find some pictures of our costumes… some serious […]


The Best TV Episodes & Movies to Help You Get Your Haunt On

TGIF friends! Today is an extra-special Friday because we’re heading into Halloweekend – the weekend where you can be sure to see guys and ghouls living it up in costumes and […]


The Weekend vol. 4

More like, “the past two weekends and the days in betweem”. Apologies to our readers for the radio-silence, but it has been a crazy week-and-a-bit for us nuts. Various work […]


Peaks of the Week

Honourable mention peak goes to the above picture of us enjoying our favourite Sunday brunch bevy – Ceasars – when we were reunited in Toronto just a few weeks ago. […]


Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, nuts! As Kate alluded to on Monday, we’ve been doing this blog thing for a while now. When we actually stop to think about it, we realize we’ve […]


Costume Crazy

Welcome to in a nutshell’s first ever “Best Costume Post”. I have to admit, this post comes as I turn a pale shade of green, envious of all party goers […]


Monster Mash Playlist 2012

Ah, the Monday before Halloween. Or in other words, panic for all of the costume-less party animals faced with a handful of party options and lack of decision-making capability. I […]


Pump It

I have recently come to believe…pumpkin is a way of life. Similar to cilantro, the flavours and spices that combine to make the savoury pumpkin dessert taste aren’t for everybody. […]

Get your haunt on

I think it’s safe to say that the girls of inanutshell have a slight obsession with dressing up. A brief scan on any of our given Facebook profiles and you’ll […]

Happy Halloweekend

Over the course of the last few years, the nuts have notoriously dressed up for hallow’s eve, usually in group costume, usually looking slightly ricidulous…and we absolutely  love it. Unfortunately, as […]