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Up close & personal with: in a nutshell

A tale of two cities, five hearts and one inimitable bond. We say it often because it’s true: this blog has evolved over the last four years, but it remains […]


Peaks of the Week

The nuts celebrated a birthday this week! Cat rang in her 26th year under the perfect conditions, during the warmest of weekends with crowds of close friends, cool beers and […]

May 2013 calendar

Peaks of the Week

Happy Friday, nuts! We had a great week, enjoying the sunshine when it stuck around, treating ourselves to well-deserved time off and future travel, making career decisions, and visiting family. Here are […]


Peaks of the Week

Introducing a new regular to inanutshell! Our “Peaks of the Week” will give you a quick look at five things we snapped this week, something that made our week a little brighter, from […]


Our television debut! … In a nutshell.

So we know that we are absolutely bombarding the social media universe with our excitement over this morning’s events, but we had an absolute blast on CTV Ottawa Morning Live, […]

810television_0 coming to a television near you

  Guess what …… we’re going to be on TV! Ask any one of us and I’m sure we’ll all tell you, in our own way, about the many wonderful […]


Look Legit, Feel Legit: The New Nutshell!

Just like a fresh coat of paint, a wardrobe change, or a new job…everything needs a little boost from time to time. After a year and a half of scrumptious […]

In a Nutshell: Chapter Two

If you don’t happen to know all us nuts personally, you may not know that our stunning writer, Jess, who is musically-inclined, fashion-oriented and always in-the-know, has made the move […]

Jesster Bonzo, the One and Only.

Our youngest nut has finally caught up to the rest of us and is celebrating her 23rd Birthday today! We couldn’t be more proud of our Bonzo, who in just […]

All I Want for Christmas…

You know when you’re spending a sunny Saturday morning with your best friends, chatting, sipping coffee, laughing uncontrollably, sauntering around, linking arms, and sometimes, posing on a bench..? Don’t you […]