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Summer Beauty Essentials

Is it just me or has summer been a whirlwind? Somehow, we’re already half way through the best month of the year and we’ve been busy enjoying everything that Ottawa has to […]


Peaks of the Week

Happy first day of spring, nuts! Here’s hoping the Spring Equinox marks warmer days in our near future. Scroll through for a few things that are keeping us happy these days… […]


Quick Style Fixes for the Season Ahead

‘Tis the season for an onslaught of fall fashion articles, each one pulling from the typical autumn vocabulary, everything from earth tones to cozy knits and seasonal layering. It can all become […]

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Pucker Up

As the brisk winter winds gain momentum and the dial on the  thermostat inches up a few notches, I can almost immediately notice a difference in my skin. Daily moisturizing […]

radiant skin

Six Steps to Radiant Skin

It’s that time of year again, when your best friend, your co-worker, your neighbour and sometimes, even complete strangers will bombard you with tales of their upcoming travels down south. […]

Hair Dare: 5 Days with Bobby

I can’t say I’ve ever cared about any area of my beauty routine. I may be guilty of dropping some coin on pretty YSL mascara and the odd Clinique concealer, […]

Friday’s Fashion Fix

We all have our morning routine, whether it lasts 20 minutes, 4 hours or it’s a roll-out-of-bed kinda deal. I find with myself, certain parts of the morning are much […]

Marble Nails: A Disappointment

This week I took on a project, a pseudo-scientific experiment per say, which has not proven to be anything more than a hassle and complete waste of time.  Ladies (and gents, […]

Ban the Bed

Now that summer has finally shown us her beautiful rays, its time to show her some beautiful right back. Bust out the skirts and tanks! One problem. The pastey white […]


Beauty and the (inner) Beast

My subject for this post came to me while watching one of my favorite shows (target audience: women). I was astonished when I realized that the majority of the advertisements […]