Get your haunt on

I think it’s safe to say that the girls of inanutshell have a slight obsession with dressing up. A brief scan on any of our given Facebook profiles and you’ll see love fests complete with homemade ensembles, painted faces, and recurring monkey costumes that were made appropriate for almost every occasion.

Needless to say that Halloween is obviously one of our collective favourite holidays and we usually celebrate it in style.

A weekend full of messy pirates, Lady Gaga’s, sailors and the like rolling through the bar I work at made it clear that we are not the only ones.

This year Halloween falls on a Monday, boo. But, the most die hard of Ottawa party animals are sure to be out in full force. Here are a few ideas for your night of mayhem.
Stay safe, nuts and Happy Halloween from all of us at Inanutshell!


Screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Mayfair Theatre at 7:00pm
1074 Bank St
Do the timewarp again! One-of-a-kind sing-along featuring the Absent Friends shadow cast! Nobody does Rocky Horror like the Mayfair!
$10 members | $15 non-members


Nightmare on Dalhousie Street
Mansion Nightclub, 19 +
400A Dalhousie Street


The Return of Zombie Strippers
BabylonNightclub, 19 +
317 Bank Street
Rockalily Burlesque with DJ Lowpass
Musical Performances By Billz And Wod Eagleson

 Haunting Season at Proulx Farm
Although the doors may have been hidden from plain sight, rest assured, they are there. As they creak open, the wrath of the Asylum springs forth for all to experience. Come be part of the mayhem at Proulx Farm inCumberland near Innes andO’Toole Rd. You just might escape the insanity.

Ottawa Haunted Walk
Looking for some spine-tingling fun this Halloween? 
The Haunted Walk is offering special tours this Halloween. From spooky fun for the whole family to frights for the ultimate thrill seeker, the Haunted Walk is guaranteed to give you a scare.
For more information visit:

Haunting season at Saunders Farm
7893 Bleeks Road in Munster in the western part of Ottawa

Dark Carnival Halloween Night
Zaphod Beeblebrox
27 York Street
Dancing With Her Glow-In-The-Dark Poi Spinning, The One And Only “Poi Sin” From The Sin Sisters.Burlesque Performances Ranging From Modern Twists To Classic Gangster Homages To The Very Roots Of Burlesque By Ottawa’s Very Own Bourbon And Spice Burlesque, etc!

Various Halloween parties and following Byward market venues:

–          Liquor Store Party Bar & Industry Room, The Drink, The Cabin, Pier 21, Pub 101, Whiskey Bar, etc.

Costume ideas c/o some festive nuts:

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