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St Louis 3

Hot Wings & Sweet Memories: St. Louis Turns 10

There are many things that can make a restaurant great. It can be exquisitely prepared dishes, or creative craft cocktails. Maybe it’s a beautifully designed space, or a memory of […]


Cheers to Five Years

Friends of this blog will have heard this story before: Five friends, newly graduated from university, sipped on wine one fateful night and came up with the idea to start […]


And We Danced …

Some people took art lessons, did karate, spent countless hours at the rink perfecting figure skating techniques, or battling in hockey games. Some did science experiments in their bedrooms, or […]


Springing into Pure Kitchen (Elgin)

Ottawans, look outside. This is about as miserable as it gets. Not only did we get 50 centimetres of snow in 24 hours last week—forcing us to shovel our driveways […]


Putting Pony Dry Through its Paces

Fellas, unless you are rocking a sweet man bun, this post is not for you. But, before you go, one question: Have you ever seen your girlfriend, partner, mother, sister, […]


The Kayla Itsines Craze

Do you have Instagram? Do you spend an embarrassing amount of time on it each day? Not me. This is a hypothetical scenario. Well, if you are among those who’s […]

Char & Laura

Tips for a new Aunt (or Uncle)

So, you’re the proud new Auntie or Uncle of a human being. Congratulations! Life is about to change. (Albeit, a little less than the life of your sibling as you […]

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Beating the Blue Monday Blues

Today is Blue Monday. The third Monday of January is notoriously the most miserable day of the year. Why? Weather, debt incurred from Christmas, time until another holiday and perhaps […]

Winston Winter

Peaks of the Week: Holiday Edition

The holiday season is always met with excitement and open arms. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” after all. But as decorations started to appear, lights began to […]


Last Minute NYE Ideas: 2015

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be more organized? Perhaps not leave everything ’til the last minute? Well, it’s not 2016 yet. So don’t be too hard on […]