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I Listened To My First One Direction Song Last Night…

  Truth be told – in the least “music snob” way – I never liked boy bands growing up. To this day, I hardly know any of the words to […]


The Best, Most Shameless Party Jams of the Early 2000s: Rounded Up By Childhood BFFS

A few weeks back, my best pal Simon and I wrote about the shameless 90s hits that still maintained a serious spot in our rotations. As mentioned, Simon and I […]


Everyone Wins! Listen To This Beck and Beyoncé Mash-Up

Following Kanye West’s typically dramatic Grammy rant (is there any other kind?) about Beyoncé’s Album of the Year loss to Beck, a mysterious mediator operating under the Soundcloud moniker Beckyoncé has been kind enough […]


The Best, Most Shameless Hits of the 1990s: Rounded Up By Childhood BFFs

When you’ve been best friends with someone since the fourth grade, you obviously have an endless bank of things to talk about. Take my pal Simon and I – kindred spirits […]


2014 Warm Up Playlist

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… again! Although I’m not the biggest fan of cold weather, I do love the cozy songs that suddenly sound so much better […]


Music Gift Guide: 2015 Concert Tickets!

If you know me well, you know that there’s nothing more I’d rather do with my free time than attend a great show. I average about two shows a week and could […]


Flashback Friday: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween, nuts! As Kate alluded to on Monday, we’ve been doing this blog thing for a while now. When we actually stop to think about it, we realize we’ve […]


Monster Mash Playlist 2014

Here we are, back at that time of the year when you forget you’re an adult and dress up like a fool. Gotta love it. And so, let there be a […]


What’s Your Favourite Fall Album?

Fall is my favourite time of year. No. questions. asked. While everyone else is trying to squeeze the last cottage weekends out of September, I’m praying for the cool breeze […]


10 Songs To Kick Off Autumn

My very favourite season is here, and I’ve always been convinced that any song – no matter how sunny, upbeat, moody or cold – sounds better when standing in a […]