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Best Ever Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

So, it’s March. And… it’s still awful out. That is, if you’re living in or around our nation’s capital. Making it the coldest/longest winter on record in 20 years in […]

St Patricks Day

Last Minute St. Patrick’s Day Plans

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, nuts! The day of green beer, four leaf clovers and general merriment is upon us. Whether you’re truly Irish or Irish-for-the-day, we’re here to help you make […]


Valentine’s Day in the Capital

Remember the time you decided to completely drop the Valentine’s Day ball and tried to make a reservation for you and your loved one at the very last minute only […]


Protips for planning your Super Bowl Party

Calling all football fans! And I mean ALL football fans. The one day of the year that EVERYBODY pays attention to who has possession of the ball is approaching and […]


An open letter to the people of Toronto (and everywhere else) …

In a nutshell is exactly 40% Torontonian. Two out of the five nuts not only call it their home, but just ask them and they’ll tell you how completely enamored […]


Be kind in 2014, s’il vous plait

Often, news can be kinda depressing. I would know, I write it. But I’m also a firm believer in finding touching stories and sharing them with the world. Open my […]


Week of Gift Guides: For the Foodie

Today on the ‘shell, we conclude our five days of gift guides with a holiday how-to for the foodie friend in your life. Foodies often seem to be simple to […]


And the Bro with the best Mo is ……………

Readers, you’ve gone and done it again. You’ve humbled us in the best way. The 2013 edition of our Nuts for Your Mo’ Bro hilarious moustache competition blew us away […]

mo board shrink 1

Nuts for your MO, Bro 2013 CONTEST – VOTE NOW!

Dirty Sanchez, Fu Manchu, Charlie Chaplin, Handlebars, The Pencil, The Goatee, The Reverse Goatee, the Magnum PI and everything in between – if you were growing it: we wanted it. […]

rosewood background

Rosewood Estates gives in a nutshell a taste

Fashion, food, music, life. This slogan has embodied our blog from day one and, really, couldn’t be more accurate. A space of discovery for the things we care about most, […]