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Ponchos; for rain and fashion, as experienced at Field Trip 2016.

Festival Bag Essentials

RBC Bluesfest 2016 officially kicks off in two days. We’ve been taking in the sights and sounds of this festival for years and this year will be no different (with […]


Let Ottawa’s Best Month Begin!

Whenever people talk about visiting Ottawa, I always have the same piece of advice: come in July. Come for Canada Day, Bluesfest and Hope Beach. Come for the heat, the […]


Peaks of the Week

This past week/weekend was filled with lots of highlights – from the kick off of Ottawa Bluesfest, to heart-warming weddings, bike rides, and sipping mojitos under the sun – these things and […]

bluesfest lineup

Bluesfest 2014: Who are YOU excited for?

We’re big fans of RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest around these parts. With three of us having grown up in Ottawa and the other two having lived here throughout University, Bluesfest has […]


Festival Life: Piecing together Coachella 2013

Well the season has officially begun. What season you ask? Music festival season! Two weekends of Coachella went off in the 100-degree heat of Palm Desert, California. The 14th annual […]


Coachelleagafest: The Ups and Downs of Music Festival Season

Similar to your friend’s first cat or a screenshot of their 7-day weather forecast pre-vacation, there’s another time of year you can expect to have your social media flooded with […]

Stormy Sunday

Bluesfest is undoubtedly one of the highlights of summer in Ottawa.  In my opinion there’s nothing better than bobbing (or in the case of watching Skrillex last week, thrashing) around […]

Hey Rosetta! Did you see us?

Before us nuts froze our little behinds off in the pounding Bluesfest rain last Friday, we wandered over to see Hey Rosetta! come together at The Hard Rock Stage for […]

Still Hip After All These Years

nuts(nts) Slang adj. 1. Crazy; insane. 2. Extremely enthusiastic. ex: We’re nuts about music. If we’re talking about an experience that falls under the above definition – crazy/insane and something to be very enthusiastic […]

Summer Bucket List

It – the season of milkshakes, the beach, humid-crazy hair and cocktails by the pitcher – is here and I could not be more pleased. With every change of season […]