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Must-Haves for Fall 2015

My favourite season is officially here! As much as I love the hot days of summer, fall has always held a special place in my heart. The colours are so […]

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Surprise Pizza Party!

I take my role as Aunt Meghan pretty seriously; my nephews and beautiful baby niece are the cutest things around and growing up so fast! I’m lucky because they live […]

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An Engagement Basket for your Bestie

We’ve talked about weddings quite a bit on the blog as of late, because, let’s face it: we’re at the age where everyone is getting married. It’s even more special […]

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#thebigmove: A Photo Diary

Last weekend I made the big jump; I moved in with my boyfriend. In preparation for such a stepping stone, I naturally took to the internet to read blog upon […]

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Buy Nothing. Give Freely. Share Creatively.

Last summer, when we brought home #winstonthedog, a lot of things changed. Yes, some of our sanity was lost due to a hyper puppy on our hands, but one of […]

Summer Nails

Nail Polish Colour Combos

I love nothing more than showing off a good mani/pedi in the warm summer months. We spend so much of our year bundled in socks and shoes, that once July […]

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Better your Bluesfest: There’s an app for that

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! As Catherine mentioned last week, July is one of our favourite months to live in Ottawa, partly¬†thanks to RBC Bluesfest,¬†Otawa’s biggest music […]

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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day, nuts! We take our Canadian identity pretty seriously here on inanutshell, going as far as including a maple leaf in our logo. So, you can be sure […]

Paint Night 1

Paint Nation!

Last week, I had the pleasure of spending an evening doing two of my favorite things; sipping cocktails and throwing paint at a canvas in an atmosphere where my less-than-stellar […]

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Today is a good day. While Canada recognized same-sex marriage in 2005 through the enactment of the Civil Marriage Act, our neighbours to the South finally caught up with us […]