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lowertown brewery

A New Brew in Town

After a week of chilly, rainy weather I was finally able to take in some rays on Monday and hit up a patio. My lunch companion and I decided to […]

dining alone

Ladies Who Lunch…Alone

It will come as no surprise to long-time readers of the blogs that we nuts love a good meal out. There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal over good conversation […]


Summer Beauty Essentials

Can it be that we’ve already passed the half-way point of summer? I don’t want to believe it. Luckily, this weekend, 4/5 nuts will be reunited for a weekend of […]

buying a home

10 Things I Learned from Buying a House (Part 2)

Last week, I posted part one in this two part series on buying a house. Today, comes part two. Read below for more things I’ve learned since buying my first home […]

buying a home

10 Things I Learned from Buying a House (Part 1)

Last year, my DLP (domestic life partner/boyfriend/animal enthusiast) and I decided we were ready to take the step towards home ownership. Both of us had rented for many years, but […]

ottawa festivals

Ottawa This Weekend: Fill your time with Fests

We’re always on the lookout for fun ways to fill our downtime over the weekends. Kaylee gave us some insight into a recent weekend in Toronto and Catherine highlighted some […]

Infused Waters

Water with a Twist

With the warm weather here and the farmer’s markets opening, I have suddenly had some serious cravings for fresh fruit. Since I generally try to consume as much water as possible […]


Can More Money Really Make Us Happy?

Making career moves is something that we nuts are all focused on at this time in our life. I’m sure many of our twenty-something readers can relate. Whether we’re looking to gain […]

Solange Attacks Jay Z


On Monday, a shocking/thrilling event occurred. A video of Beyonce’s sister, Solange, attacking Jay Z was leaked on the internet. As if Beyonce wasn’t already the most talked about individual of […]

Midday Musings

Happy Monday, nuts! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week promises to be a good one – it’s almost Easter! I can’t wait to spoil my nephews with […]