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Panaga Panorama

Panago Pizza Ottawa

Ok, I’ll say it. We’re pizza monsters. As much as we try to eat well, exercise and generally live a healthy lifestyle, pizza will always be one of our vices. […]


Veg: The Plant-Based Food Trend of 2016

An average restaurant menu in Ottawa consists of many things: a few seafood dishes, a handful of meat and poultry options, side dishes and, usually, a couple of vegetarian options.   […]

Takeout Sign


If you’re from Ottawa, then you are likely familiar with El Camino. Located on Elgin Street, this tasty place opened up a few years back and has been a consistent […]


Partaking in the Patio at Joey Lansdowne

For Ottawans, there is literally nothing better after enduring a long, harsh winter than enjoying the warm summer weather on a patio…with a great drink in hand. Last night, I […]


A bite size reason to visit Wellington West

The Flying Banzini, a relatively new restaurant in Ottawa, was a discovery made when a friend invited me out for a bite a few weeks ago.  It’s always a treat […]


Eatery Hopping

Last week, I met a couple of tourists visiting Ottawa for the fifth time. Standing in line, waiting for our daily dose of java, I discerned a strong southern accent […]

Chef's Night Oz Kafe

Chef’s Night: Super Friends Happy Time

For those long time readers of the ‘shell, it won’t come to surprise you that our resident foodie, Kate, is privy to many cool and unique food experiences. Luckily for […]

El Camino 4 sign

El Camino: Carmichael’s Way

El Camino. The literal translation from Spanish to English: 1)the path, road 2)the journey 3)the way Although Chef Matt Carmichael claims the name has a lot to do with his […]


Murray Street Brunch

The dirtiest brunch around and I only experienced it a week ago. For shame. Murray street is celebrated for its cutting-edge Charcuterie plates, stippled with wild-game terrines, chorizo, head cheese, […]

baker street

Best Breakfast in Ottawa: Baker Street Café

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to try out a restaurant that has been on my “to-eat-at” list for over 2 years, Baker Street Café in Westboro. If you’re […]