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Chickpeas is sure to please

A house of hummus. The turf of tabouleh. Ottawa’s newest Lebanese lean-to. Well, it’s actually much more than a lean-to: Chickpeas is a gorgeous space and might just be my […]

Panaga Panorama

Panago Pizza Ottawa

Ok, I’ll say it. We’re pizza monsters. As much as we try to eat well, exercise and generally live a healthy lifestyle, pizza will always be one of our vices. […]


Fairouz Ottawa

Ottawa has gone through a dry spell this year. There have been few restaurant openings and even fewer who have made a really big splash. So, when you discover an […]

br epic

Brunch Club: Friends with Benedicts

It’s a well-known fact that Brunch is the best meal going. Breakfast? For suckers. Lunch? For punks. Dinner? Forget about it. Brunch is that sweet spot, where a breakfast sandwich […]

the great gatsby header

Gatsby Fever

The Roaring Twenties: an era characterized by cultural rebellion during a period of economic luxury in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and, of course, New York.  The United States gained […]

Supply and demand

Restaurant Review: Supply and Demand

It took me a while to figure this out, but I now know that a restaurant review is best administered at the three month mark. Sure, it’s fun to be […]


Soup for Supper: Chicken Quinoa

‘Tis the season for deep coughs, sniffles and shivers…not to mention, cozy afternoons with hot chocolate, holiday cheer, and scrumptious soup. When the weather is brisk, there’s no better time […]

Weekend Delicacies

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend. I know that – as well as Loverboy knew that when they wrote that cheesy 80s dance track – because it’s Monday and I’m already excited […]

Home Cooking: Mmm-mm Good

One of the things people often say when they hear I’m vegetarian (and have been trying vegan on for size over the past month) – is how it must take up a […]

Food after Thanksgiving

Many of us spent the weekend up to our elbows in turkey, cranberry sauce,mash potatoes, stuffing and all of the other wonderful turkey dinner trimmings. Add a slice of pumpkin […]