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10 Songs To Kick Off Autumn

My very favourite season is here, and I’ve always been convinced that any song – no matter how sunny, upbeat, moody or cold – sounds better when standing in a […]


10 Brand New Songs That Embody Summer

Maybe I’m being a Debbie downer, but at least I’m being a realistic one when I state the obvious: summer is winding down. It’s halfway through August and before we […]

St Vincent

5 New Albums to Get Your Hands On Now

Like some people with their Starbucks card (cough – Kaylee), I like to keep my iTunes account stocked with plenty of credit to go towards new tunes. These past two […]


14 New Songs to Refresh Your Valentine’s Day Playlist

While I am the biggest fan of the old classics – seriously, play a little Otis or Van and I’m putty in your hands – thousands of amazing love songs […]


Welcome to Fall Playlist

Last week, I flew out of a 33 degree Toronto and landed in 15 degree Ottawa. Which part of that is fall, I don’t know. What I do know, is that the […]


12 End of Summer Playlist Essentials

Similar to the exquisitely dumbbell-heavy September fashion magazines that weigh down our bags this month – I always find the end-of-summer leaks, singles and albums are plentiful and some of the […]


5 New Albums You Want to Buy This Weekend

A surprisingly common occurrence – that’s unsurprisingly really fun for me – is when friends or acquaintances hand me their phone and say, “download some new albums you think I’ll like.” […]


Play Catch-Up: Top 10 albums of 2013 so far

People often believe that the key to being in the music know is poring over blogs and magazines, buying every album that hits the charts and constantly debating what’s good […]


Leading Ladies Who Will Rock 2013

Whether the big screen, awards stage, galleries or airwaves, 2013’s cultural platforms and critics have happily (and rightfully) showcased the star-studded line-up of remarkable females who we, as listeners and […]


Comeback Kids: 2013 New Album Announcements

After bouts of touring, decade long hiatuses and total creative revitalization – some of the industry’s biggest names and most anticipated releases are finally in reach. In no particular order, […]