Monster Mash Playlist 2012

Ah, the Monday before Halloween. Or in other words, panic for all of the costume-less party animals faced with a handful of party options and lack of decision-making capability. I can’t advise on which version of Gaga or sexy kitty you should(n’t) be this year, but I can hopefully provide a little wisdom and musical guidance with regards to the spooky night. Wisdom first, guidance later.

Try to go with the flow. I’ve learned that the best party occasions or holidays are often those that come without the bundle of stress; ones that are spent with the people you enjoy most and a little faith in party spontaneity. It’s the evenings when you have plans, tickets and timelines out the ying-yang that your evening ends up in the worst place of all – Bustville, population you and your friends. That is the mentality I’ve taken on with this weekend’s festivities; find something ridiculous to wear, look as unattractive as possible, enjoy a few beverages and be merry with your best friends.

Often times, these festivities might take place in your own living room. And I say, why not? It’s practically free, holds as many people as the quadrant of the bar you and your best friend’s will corner yourselves into any way and can be the scene of a wicked dance party. And you have control of the beats – something that I think is fairly exciting. Beyonce on repeat for one whole hour? No problem. Demonstration of how your c-walk has improved, without judgment from random onlookers? Bring it.

So, to follow up on last year’s Monster Mash playlist, here are some dark, twisted and beat-filled tunes to help shake things up this Halloween:


1. Serial Killer – Lana Del Rey

2. Bad Religion – Frank Ocean

3. Midnight Moon – Creedence Clearwater Revival vs. M83

4. Let’s Fall in Love – Mother Mother

5. Run Right Back – The Black Keys

6. The Hours – Beach House

7. House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls – The Weeknd

8. DARE – Gorillaz

9. Oblivion – Grimes

10. Monster – Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver and Rick Ross

11. Silent Machine – Cat Power

12. Up All Night – Drake

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