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Spring Home Decor

Spruce up your Space for Spring!

For anyone who loves home décor, the changing of seasons offers an amazing opportunity to switch things up and refresh the rooms in your place. For fall and winter, I […]


Cozy Winter Home Essentials

As the wise, wise Fergie once said, “let’s get it started” – the season of painfully cold mornings, taming hat hair, dollars spent on down-filled bundling and a whole lot […]


Re-Vamp your Space for Spring

Last year, Mother Nature was much kinder to us than she has been this year. At the end of March 2012, I wrote about Spring Cleaning to go along with […]

coffee tablecouture

Coffee Table Couture

After watching Emily Schuman’s adorable tutorial on how to style a coffee table , I began thinking about how I would decorate my own if I wasn’t, pitifully, still living […]

coloured paint

Re-Decorating with Colour

As some of you may know, all 5 of us nuts have moved since the beginning of 2012. While Kaylee and Jess are now both calling Toronto their new home, Catherine, Kate and I have all re-located within the Nation’s Capital. Moving is never an easy venture (it is actually known as one of the …

Balcony Buzz

As mentioned in Kate and Kaylee’s posts, it’s undeniable that a weekend escape into the wilderness is one of the most beautiful (and necessary) parts of summer. If we’re lucky to steal away, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see any of us piled into a car, blaring those classic open air tunes with our arms whipping in the wind outside …

spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Well folks, even though earlier this week I wrote about my favourite patios to go along with the summer-like weather we’ve been having, really and truly, it’s spring. And, what […]

One woman’s trash . . .

Is another woman’s treasure. This saying rings particularly true when it comes to me and antique finds. Anyone who knows me, also knows that I swoon over a dusty phonograph […]

When Life gives you Lemons

Following Blue Monday, this week has continued to go from blue to a dismal grey. Yesterday, the streets and sidewalks blended into one another as the dirt-trodden snow slowly turned from a pure white powder […]

Beginners Reupholstery

In light of the first day of school for so many tots and teens, and since I’ve been done with pencils and books for some time now, I thought it would be […]