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FALLing for NYC: A Packing Guide

Ah, fall. Who doesn’t love the brief period between our searing hot summers and frigidly cold winters; a time where the air is crisp, the trees change color, and we […]

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Must-Haves for Fall 2015

My favourite season is officially here! As much as I love the hot days of summer, fall has always held a special place in my heart. The colours are so […]

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What We’re Craving Right Now

October was pretty unpredictable when it came to weather, but with November comes the certainty that, even when the sun is out, the cooler temps are here to stay. That […]


Quick Style Fixes for the Season Ahead

‘Tis the season for an onslaught of fall fashion articles, each one pulling from the typical autumn vocabulary, everything from earth tones to cozy knits and seasonal layering. It can all become […]

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GIVEAWAY: Frames for Fall

As a life-long glasses wearer, I can certainly appreciate how much it means to find a really great pair of frames. I can remember first getting glasses when I was […]


Fall Festival Fashion

The Ottawa chapter of the blog spent last week and weekend taking in the many diverse acts of Ottawa’s Folkfest. From tuques and plaid to cowboy boots and denim, fall […]

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Fall Favourites

So, apparently fall is here with a vengeance. It’s not like we had a sweltering summer, but overnight the temperatures have dropped and there are leaves beginning to tumble onto […]


Best of Fall 2013 Menswear

I’ve been asked countless times by our male readers; “WHY don’t you include menswear in your fashion reviews?” My quick reply is always the same, I really wouldn’t know where […]

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Fall-to-Winter Closet Checklist

If you haven’t heard by now readers, I recently broke my leg. And with it being a bad break, I’ve been confined to the couch for the past three weeks. […]


Fall back into Resolutions

Well folks, it is officially September. While summer is still technically with us for two more weeks, I always find that once the September long weekend passes and school starts back up, the carefree summer attitude often fades quickly away. Instead of mourning the season, I for one, always look to September and Fall as …