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The Best, Most Shameless Hits of the 1990s: Rounded Up By Childhood BFFs

When you’ve been best friends with someone since the fourth grade, you obviously have an endless bank of things to talk about. Take my pal Simon and I – kindred spirits […]


26 Years of Sweet Kaylee Paré!

Happy Birthday to the one, the only, Kaylee Paré! So, we can admit it: we kind of like this girl… a lot. As you’ll see from the amazing testimonials below (with […]

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Legends of the summer: Our holy grail

Sometimes, the Gods align and give you almost everything you could ask for. With us, that always tends to involve best friends, great music and a few bevvies… And luckily […]


Happy Quarter Century, Catty!

  Today our little Catty Boo, Catpaw, Catlink, Kitty Cat, Catherine turns 25. As the first of the nuts to hit this quarter century milestone, we can’t help but think […]


On Valentine’s Day, Be In Love With All The Right People

Have you ever sat down to a brunch with your friends and verbally rewarded your new flame or long-time lover a medal for doing something relatively simple, in concept; making […]


Girls – Where’s the love?

This past weekend, the nuts reunited in Toronto for a two-day lovefest where we danced the night away at The Drake, munched on out of this world tacos at La Carnita, […]


Merry Christmas, with love.

Merry Christmas to all of you and yours, with lots of love from us. Along with doses of snow and sunshine, the five nuts are sprinkled all over the map today in […]

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You know you’re best friends when…

1. You remember important milestones in their lives, like breakups, moves, trips and birthdays, better than they do. 2. Your computers have secret folders filled with ugly/embarrassing/inappropriate photos of you, […]


Happy Birthday Meg!

Well, the wonderful week of birthdays on in a nutshell continues. Today, our dear Mother Hen Meghan Brown, turns 24 years-old – and we couldn’t be prouder! After a year of incredible accomplishments (finishing her Master’s, traveling, moving up in her full-time job, to name a few), Meghan deserves nothing more than praise and celebration. We can …


Five Friends…

TGIF, nuts! As you’ll note from our “About Us” section – us five gals are very rarely in the same vicinity, which is one of the most wonderful perks of having […]