Sweaty Saturdays (The Remix)

Brrrrrr. It’s freezing out! How are you surviving this freakish cold spike? I thought summer was supposed to be hot! Every day it’s the same drill – I walk outside my already nippy office and my body gets slapped by a freezing cold breeze; before going home to have such a comfortable snooze in the icy midnight air. *Note: the nuts are sarcastic.

Not exactly the case. These are the months that we want to lobby in front of Parliament in our birthday suits, demanding that roaming the streets naked not be such a stigmatic act of absurdity. Chests everywhere, underpants exposed – who CARES. It’s too hot to even think about getting dressed in the morning, and when we do, this is what we look like. Legitimately.

 So, we might as well embrace those few moments when we aren’t forced to wear heavy work pants, blouses or cardigans. We might as well pull out the flouncy summer dresses, strappy sandals and short shorts as discussed previously by Kate and Kaylee, and celebrate casual weekends. And the reason we need to be such breezy beautiful cover girls? Because summer is one of the best times to go wild on weekends, dance with your friends and let your hair down (bring a hair tie though, no one wants to come close to that sweaty shoulder-stuck strand). The girls and I, although often finding it difficult to plan a night or weekend together even if it’s weeks in advance, take the art of a big night out very seriously. When it does happen, we’re oblivious to anyone outside of our perspiring bubble of carefree friendship.

Kick off your heels type of weather...

So, all sarcasm aside – ditch the weekday attire because it’s Saturday, Saturday, Saturday (Rebecca Black’s next single). If you are lucky to have your best gals all together in one place – hop into your comfiest summer dress and be ready to twirl, flip and toss the fabric over your head in a moment of dancing enthusiasm. Only try this move if you’re with your best friends though; some consider it “inappropriate,” and it only works for the female who has her gals there to shield her from the public during her dress-flapping lunacy.  I bet at this point it sounds like I might be discussing fashion or something related, because of all of this summer attire/heatwave talk. Wrong – I’m here to provide you with the upbeat tunes that’ll be the soundtrack to that truly nutty moment when the wine is flowing, the night is young and sweltering, your girlfriends are howling with laughter, and the dancing animal in you emerges…

  1. Hot Child in The City – Nick Gilder: I’ll start off simple so that you can slowly get into the groove, so to speak.  A classic tune, and one that got a big shout-out in an equally as classic television show (Sex and the City) – it’s perfect for that bumpin’ behinds, starting the dance floor, grooving kind of moment with your best pals.
  2. This is the Remix – Girl Talk: If mash-up King Gregg Gillis doesn’t have a song on your staple summer playlist, then I don’t know what to say – you need help and we can be that for you. With a tune that has the catchy hooks of “Cruel Summer”, Jackson Five, “Party Up in Here” and Simon and Garfunkel’s “Cecilia” – you’ve just populated what could be its own playlist in only 6 minutes.
  3. Canned Heat – Jamiroquai (Calvin Harris remix): Kick up your heels and kick off your shoes, you’re either a few minutes away from imitating Napoleon Dynamite (to each their own, we would never knock it) or the scorching hot performance from Centre Stage (more subdued, but equally as effective I’m sure).
  4. Cinema – Benny Benassi (Skrillex remix): Now we’re talking! Skip this tune if you don’t like the feel of the bass pumping through your chest, you don’t like dubstep, or you don’t like whipping your jeans off and helicopter-ing them over your head. An already catchy Benassi song featuring Brit-pop singer Gary Go, “Cinema” is taken to a new level with the injection of American Dubstep producer Skrillex’s hefty beat. A genre that basically is the heavy bass-infused electro type – you’ll either love it or hate it. Catherine and I saw Skrillex at Bluesfest last week, and we felt the former.
  5. Now That U Got It – Gwen Stefani feat. Damian Marley (remix):  The perfect beach party, dance floor hopping, arm-linking, summer anthem. The reggae undertones, sporadic hollers from Bobby’s son, and Gwen’s sweet sunny voice – all that you need on a hot night.
  6. Otis – Jay-Z and Kanye West:  Hot off the press – this is one of the best new hip-hop tracks out. Firstly, for these collaborating superstars, it’s an unbelievable pick-me-up after the unsatisfying combination heard on “H.A.M.” Secondly, this song samples the soulful croons of Otis Redding in one of my favourite songs of all time, “Try a Little Tenderness.” Lastly, watching these guys swap catchy rhyming spotlight throughout the song is jolting and intriguing; enough to have me bouncing until I get my hands on the rest of their upcoming album Watch the Throne.
  7. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People (The Knocks remix): What is already the most impossibly catchy song on the airwaves; it’s been kicked up a notch with this bright and merry synth-saturated version.
  8. Feel Me Flow – Naughty by Nature: Well, this might not be a remix – but it’s the perfect note to end on. Toss this on wherever you are in the world – a dance floor, a car or munching a chicken dinner at your Mother’s – it will put even the most hip-hop impartial in the greatest mood. Also the winner of my favourite opening verse in a rap song, this song instantly stretches a smile on my face and causes my head to nod, knowing it’s going to be a good night.  

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