The Moon Room

I’ve always said that the restaurant scene in Ottawa is vibrant, a city stippled with hidden gems. The Moon Room is yet another restaurant to support  this sentiment. Located in the heart of Little Italy, The Moon Room is far from an Italian pasta house. In fact, the “cuisine” you’ll find in this hippy-dippy nook is eclectic, modern and delicious. The “moonu” consists of small plates: addictive parmesean-truffle popcorn, a charcuterie board aptly named “the moon board” and little bursts of heaven like the “bacon wrapped olives”. Everything is reasonably priced, each plate costing no more than $15. Artisanal cheeses are abundant and of course the wine list, though small, is rich in flavour.

The Moon Room interior screams back-packer’s haven. Picture a local watering hole in south-east Asia, with a variety of interesting people sitting at the bar exchanging stories from around the world. This is what The Moon Room looks like every night, and it is open (serving food) until 2 am immediately shunning. The music blares, but sounds like Feist, Passion Pit and Wilco are happily welcomed in the airwaves. Don’t expect 5-star service, the servers have a laid-back attitude which inspires their clientele to feel the same way.

The Moon Room is a tiny sanctuary for foodies, winos and anyone else who appreciates something off the beaten path.

” The Moonu”

“The Moonboard”


  1. Suzanne says:

    Sounds delicious ! Lucky me I’m in OTT. Will have to have a taste of the Moon !

  2. Chantal says:

    Hello there, heard lots of good things and would like to come by next week for din din. Do we need a reservation, and for two lovebirds next Sat Jan 12th or Jan 19th at 6 PM? And where abouts are you hiding? I don’t see your address on your website… oh my, do I need new glasses :))) ?

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