TDM Contest Winner: A Story of Contagious Generosity

Nutshell readers, we write to you today with full hearts.

The purpose of this post is to reveal the winner of the Dailey Method 6-week unlimited pass, but first, we have a story for you.

This contest all came about because a friend of ours decided they wanted to spread a little love. A firm believer in fitness and living a healthy lifestyle, our friend had tried the Dailey Method workout, and then watched the positive change it was having on the lives of the Ottawa nuts. Feeling compelled to do a good deed, they wanted to purchase an unlimited pass for one lucky nutshell reader so that they may, too, find the results and the joy that we’ve found in this very practical workout.

So it was suggested, so it was done. The pass was purchased and we launched the contest just over a week ago.

What happened next truly touched everyone at In a Nutshell. Our inbox became full of stories of human struggle, strength and perseverance. We realized that among our community of nutshell readers are individuals who have undergone hardship, setbacks, or have battled with the daunting prospect of getting into better shape. To you brave individuals who shared your story, we not only say thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share your story with us, but that you’re really and truly not alone. Staying on top of a fitness regimen is HARD made only harder by our overbooked, busy lives. But, sometimes, making yourself the priority is truly the hardest part.

As touched as we were with the submissions, putting them into a hat and choosing just one didn’t seem fair. Instead of feeling good that we were helping one person, we felt badly that we couldn’t help more.

We struck up a group chat and decided we’d pitch in our own money to buy a second pass.  As the details were being ironed out, one of the Toronto nuts sat with a friend. Becoming engrossed in her phone, she decided to explain to her friend what was happening – the contest, the way we felt, the need for another pass. This friend has recently seen success in her own fitness goals and felt compelled to help. Without hesitation, she decided to contribute the full amount for another entrant. She felt it was so important to keep the positivity going, and help someone else find the happiness she’s felt from living a healthier lifestyle.

Are you in tears yet? We practically were.

Turning over all this information to The Dailey Method Ottawa owners, Sarah & Jamie, they turned around and left us speechless again.

They decided to donate not one, but two 6-week unlimited passes to the cause. From what started as a contest for one individual to win one pass, through the contagious nature of generosity, four people will be awarded a prize.

The Dailey Method’s motto is to “burn bright dailey” and it was no surprise when the sun was shining on us this morning after we all went to bed with huge smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. Finding happiness through bettering yourself from the inside out is a true gift and we feel privileged to be the vehicle in which the amazing people we are so lucky to have in our lives have chosen to share it.

We still wish we could have given a pass to each and every contest entrant, but we promise this has only inspired us to do more contests and another fitness pass giveaway is right around the corner.

Now, at long last, the winners of this contest are:

Shelley Baumgarten
Jenna Murphy
Yael Berger
and Sarah Carkner

You will be contacted by email shortly with more info on how to redeem your prize. The Dailey Method Ottawa has also gone above and beyond in their generosity and has awarded you each with a pair of grip socks to get your practice off on the right foot (literally!).

I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that this spirit of spontaneous caring is exactly what the original donor had intended. Again, we are speechless at the generosity, and hope this post has inspired you to find a way to spread a little love.

With all this inspiration floating around, I felt compelled to share a few tricks I’ve found have really helped me in staying on track with working a fitness regimen into my life. See my post here for some friendly tips on what I hope will help you through your journey.

Remember, we are all just an email away for a virtual high five.

… It’s the least we could do. Xo

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  1. Stephanie S says:

    Wow! It is really fantastic to hear how this giveaway has evolved!! Congrats to the lucky winners :)

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