My Skin’s Saviour

The summer is here and we at inanutshell are dedicated to helping our readers make the most of the season (See our Summer Bucket List for a prime example!) We’re also interested in sharing the ‘beauty’ tips that have helped us qualm the problems that come along with our favorite season. We’ve dealt with pasty white skin-tones and the harm of UV rays and most recently, we’ve addressed the issue of FRIZ. Next on my list, is the bath product that has revolutionized my skin (in the summer, and all year round for that matter).

There is nothing worse than dry, flaky and rough skin, especially in the summer when we are baring so much more of it. And while many of us may have extensive facial regimens, the rest of our bodies are often left by the wayside. My miracle worker: The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Body Scrub. Not only does it smell AMAZING, but this scrub has a rich and creamy texture and is a hard-core exfoliator, containing crushed walnut shells and evening primrose seeds.

Hallelujah! My skin’s saviour in the form of a body scrub…

Plus, you can feel good about this purchase because The Body Shop’s Community Trade program is in full effect during the production of this product. The Body Shop is committed to engaging in fair trade with suppliers, providing various communities with stable and long-term income. In turn, this gives the company access to high-quality ingredients that are harvested by local experts. This scrub contains Community Trade Brazil Nut Oil, Cocoa Butter, and Organic Babassu Oil as its primary moisturizers, which leave skin feeling silky, smooth.

One of The Body Shop’s photographic campaigns promoting their Community Trade program

Additional benefits:

-Exfoliating before shaving will allow for a closer shave, giving you some extra time before annoying stubble pops up. A few extra hours with smooth legs are precious!

-Exfoliating allows your post-shower moisturizer to be absorbed more easily, making the effects longer-lasting and contributing to healthier skin as a whole.

-Exfoliating on a regular basis (2-3 times a week) improves circulation and helps to tone and firm the skin, improving its esthetic appearance.

-Exfoliating preps the skin for the application of sunless tanner by sloughing away dry patches of skin. Those dry spots are the cause of uneven colour, and no one wants to look like an orange Dalmatian.

Your best shaving results EVER!

The Body Shop has a full range of bath products, and generally the scrub will work to its full potential when paired with the matching Shower Cream and Body Butter. I love all three, but if you can only pick one, definitely choose the scrub! It is definitely my skin’s secret weapon…in a nutshell.

Visit for more information, or follow them on Twitter @The BodyShopCA for updates on their Values, Products and Campaigns.