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Beat the dog days of summer right meow

Last week, we saw temperatures soaring in the Capital and around the country. With the humidity, it was feeling like 35+ degrees every day, and making it a bit of a sticky nightmare for us all. But, as hot as we are, our pets are often even hotter! Our friends at Petsafe commissioned a survey about pet hydration and the results were a bit scary. Less than half of pet owners polled were aware of the common signs of dehydration in pets: sunken eyes, decreased skin elasticity, loss of appetite and depression. In addition, only 66.5% of cat owners and 72.9% of dog owners identified water as a “must-bring” when taking their pets on longer outings with them. Whether your pet is very active like my pup Winston, or fairly calm like my cat Jasper, they all still require plenty of water each day to stay hydrated.

At my house, we are very conscious of making sure our furbabies get enough water, especially during the hot summer months. Our cat Jasper stays indoors (with the odd trip outside to sunbathe on the back porch) and always has access to his water bowl. Plus, he really enjoys drinking from the bathroom sink. #ivebeendrinkin

Jasper Outside

As for my pup Winston, well he accompanies me anywhere that I can bring him and gets at least 4 walks a day… I’m not lying, he is VERY active. Whether we go walking through the trails near our house, play catch in the park or head up to the cottage for a day of boating and running around after my nephews, I make sure to have water on hand. For on-the-go use, I rely on the Top Paw Travel Pet Water Bottle. Winston is a bit trickier to hydrate at home though: he’ll drink from his water bowl, but sometimes I have to coax him towards it after a long walk.

Winston Park 2

Winston Park

Winston Boating 2

Winston Boating

Winston Hiking

Luckily, Petsafe hooked them up with a cool new hydration solution: the Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Fountain. It provides fresh, filtered water from free-falling streams of water, which entices pets to drink more. After setting it up, both of my little guys seemed to be quite impressed with their fancy new digs, and I noticed both of them hanging around the kitchen a bit more than normal for extra sips. Plus, Jasper was pretty happy about the box it arrived in…

Jasper in a box


Jasper Fountain

Jasper Fountain 2

Winston Fountain

Winston Fountain 2

No matter what options you go for, make sure that your pets are staying happy, healthy and hydrated this summer! Just look how happy they look here… (ahem, posed pictures are not their strong suit).

Pet Pic

Special thanks to Petsafe for sponsoring this post!

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