The Tiny Treat

After a particularly stressful work week, polishing off 14 hour work days with half an hour for a break if I was lucky, I was beginning to feel a little down on myself. The beautiful summer hours of sunshine were being toiled away inside a stone building with little time for friends, family or loved ones. On one of such tiresome days, I did manage to squeeze in an hour for myself to wander the market until I was expected to be back at the grind. As I mentioned, I was feeling a little overwhelmed, underappreciated and really needed a little something to pick me up. I found myself at Ottawa’s newest cupcakery, The Cupcake Lounge.  The little lounge opened in May and is located right beside Zaks diner in the Byward market. It’s the sweetest little place you’ll find for a mid-day treat offering 7 flavours on the regular with a wide variety of other flava-flaves that rotate depending on the day of the week.

The mother board, dictating which additional flavours can be expected on any given day of the week

I had the pleasure of meeting the dedicated owner, Claudia Arizmendi, from Monterrey, Mexico. She began her small business many years ago when she cooked pastries, cupcakes and other delicious treats at home for her children. Her friends would often tell her she had a true talent for making a delicious cupcake and to that, I can attest! Finally, when her children were all grown up and moved out, she decided to pursue her talent by taking the Baking and Pastry  Arts course at Algonquin College to hone in on her cupcake creativity and leaving us with an incredible eatery in the heart of the market.

Claudia Arizmendi: talented baker and owner of The Cupcake Lounge

Claudia swears by the Key Lime cakes, but (just like the mobs) I was partial to the fan favourite : Red Velvet. This tiny treat brought a smile to my face as I sat in the park with a cup of Swiss coffee that Mrs. Arizmendi so happily brewed for me. Red Velvet is a light chocolate cake with red colouring so the inside has a beautiful, ruby hue. The icing is an absolutely fabulous cream cheese, which literally is “the icing on the cake”. So wander down and chow down one of these little puppies, selling for $3.25 a pop.  After all, it’s the small things that count!

Sizing up Red Velv'


  1. Kevin Kitts says:

    An article that makes you want to simply lounge (in the company of a cupcake, mind you) in the vicinity of Claudia Arizmendi’s The Cupcake Lounge.

    Sincerely, in beautiful downtown Orleans,


  2. Laura Ballester says:

    Here I am reviewing posts about The Cupcake Lounge Inc. as Sales & Marketing Manager only to see I know the girl who wrote this wonderful piece !! lol Kate Lalumiere, thank you for the article ! Have you been to the newest location in Westboro on Richmond Road? Or to visit our Friday booth in Holt Renfrew? If not, come and enjoy a Cupcake on us sometime :) xo.

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