Veggie Tales

As a relatively new vegetarian, who has coincidentally been cooking and eating mostly vegan meals as well (funny how that happens) –I’ve come to realize several things.

1. I’ve never felt better
2. The food, recipes and creations are quite delicious
3. Eating out or eating at someone else’s house is.not.easy.

But I’m not here to preach about number 1 or 2! Everyone should make the diet and lifestyle decisions that are best for them – but in the case of my personal life change, let’s chat item #3. I would hate to be the guest who shows up to a lovely dinner, having not previously announced my food restrictions, and then be forced to coyly push food around my plate that I can’t eat, waste a finely cooked meal or go hungry. All of these things aren’t fair to the hard-working host of a party and certainly aren’t fair to my sad, growling little tummy. Therefore, becoming a vegetarian or vegan comes with a little dedication, a boatload of reading, a lot of experimentation and a willingness to get your butt into the kitchen – big time.

Restaurants will always be tricky (sometimes you’re that person who has a special request), but dinner parties can be just as fun, if not more, for someone in a veggie position. This is especially the case around the holidays when every host wants a little help in the kitchen, buffets stretch for miles and you get the chance to show off how tasty and decadent your new style of eating can be.

If you’re a veggie of any sort and are stressed about those upcoming gatherings – here are a few suggestions as to what you can bring to wow the potlucking masses. All of these dishes are either gluten-free, vegan, organic or all of the above, so there should be something for everyone you’re dining with. Expect many more recipes to come!

*Shameless promotion: Did I mention one of the best ways to get protein as a vegetarian is nuts? That lately you can find me with a pile of nutshell’s at my side a few times a day? Interesting.

Purple Cabbage Coleslaw with Lemon Tahini Dressing
Chunky Tomato and Kidney Bean Tomato SauceEggnog Spiced NutsQuinoa Tabouleh Salad

Cocoa Peanut Butter Oat SnowballsBanana Carob Chip Cookies 

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