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Peak of the Week

Just one peak this week. It’s the only thing we can think about, and if you follow us on social media, it’ll be invading your timelines shortly. It’s the reason […]


When You’re That Friend Who Moved to Toronto

There are many things we nutshellers love about blogging: a creative outlet, networking opportunities, unique experiences, some nifty free swag—yep, we have it pretty good. But, there’s one special thing […]

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When All of Your Friends Move To Toronto: A Reflection

Ottawans have issues. Of course, you have your run-of-the-mill road ragers and the fashion police make a bevvy of silent arrests each day, but for Ottawa folk, there’s one issue […]

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I’m Feelin Drizzy

I got a lot of love after I shared my obsession with the Ottawa Citizen’s Weather Reporter with you (…more on that soon). So, I’ve decided that I must share […]


Paying It Forward

We’re on the last leg of a short week before the long weekend is upon us. I am so excited for 4 days filled with lots of friends and family […]


I Listened To My First One Direction Song Last Night…

  Truth be told – in the least “music snob” way – I never liked boy bands growing up. To this day, I hardly know any of the words to […]


The Best, Most Shameless Party Jams of the Early 2000s: Rounded Up By Childhood BFFS

A few weeks back, my best pal Simon and I wrote about the shameless 90s hits that still maintained a serious spot in our rotations. As mentioned, Simon and I […]


The Best, Most Shameless Hits of the 1990s: Rounded Up By Childhood BFFs

When you’ve been best friends with someone since the fourth grade, you obviously have an endless bank of things to talk about. Take my pal Simon and I – kindred spirits […]

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Peaks of the Week

This week’s peak is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: our recent (surprise!) reunion. In true nut fashion, the Ottawa girls hatched a plan to surprise our two […]


Nous sommes Charlie

We are blessed with a wonderful thing at in a nutshell. We have a public platform where we can write, post, share ideas and stories. Five university-educated women get to […]