Chicago-Skyline via

Peak of the Week

Chicago-Skyline via

Just one peak this week.

It’s the only thing we can think about, and if you follow us on social media, it’ll be invading your timelines shortly.

It’s the reason we all have hair appointments booked, packing on our to-do lists and a perpetual spring in our step.

Next weekend, we are ALL traveling to Chicago—newly renamed ChiKAYgo—for Kaylee’s bachelorette party.

We are all bursting with excitement to take a break from our hectic schedules, explore a new city and, most importantly, celebrate the bride-to-be.

It will be a reunion, it will be wild and it will be the highlight of the month, if not year.

Hope you’re all equally as excited for the upcoming long weekend ( … if that’s even possible).

Happy Friday!FullSizeRender-1

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