Hair Dare: 5 Days with Bobby

I can’t say I’ve ever cared about any area of my beauty routine. I may be guilty of dropping some coin on pretty YSL mascara and the odd Clinique concealer, but that is as far as the efforts I make to upkeep my beauty regimen go. Whether getting ready for a day at work or getting dolled up for a night out, I consistently spend an exponential amount of time on my wardrobe, leaving little to no room for any experimentation in the hair and makeup department. Lately this behavior has begun to bother me – why shouldn’t I invest some time in my hair each day? What has it done to deserve such treatment? (Or lack there of..)

Equipped with a handful of bobby pins, a variety of curling products and youtube on speed dial – I devised an experiment.  For one week, I would have to find the time each day between my early rise and my city commute, to try a new hairstyle. As I sit here at the finish line of my self-inflicted challenge, I have to say it was not easy. How do people do this everyday? My arms are soar. My once tame bobby pins have now had worldly experiences to last a lifetime. My dreams are haunted by girls who spend their days teaching strangers how to wear socks on their heads. Needless to say, it was not a life-changing journey, and I now know that there’s a reason I’m not doing this everyday – plain and simple, I don’t like to. HA. Truth be told, the outcome of a little hair-novation (coined) was worthwhile; spending the day with a hairstyle that I knew would stick around ’til bedtime and required no mid-day maintenance, was grrreat.

I started the week off with the mother of all youtube sensations – the sock bun. I followed this tutorial, which worked very well for me. For those who don’t know (where have you been.), a sock bun does actually involve the use of a sock. It’s as simple as cutting the toe off a long sock and rolling it into a donut shape, sticking it on top of your ponytail and creating a bun around it. This gives you the effect of having a mass of perfectly shaped hair, with the sock coyly hidden beneath your strands. Once you become a pro, this is the best trick for throwing your hair up and making it look like you’ve gone to the salon for an updo. I’ll definitely make use of this one in the future.

My friends are rolling their eyes right now. This one is by no means a new look for me. The side braid is a simple fix when you need a little extra oomph. This one is tried and true, so it deserved a little air time in what is likely one of few hair pieces I’ll write in my blogging career. If your hair is ultra-layered, this may not be your best option, but there are so many ways to wear the side braid that I’m sure there’s an alternative for everyone.

On day 3 of my little experiment, I was looking to do a low side bun in a way I had never done before. I made a low, side pony tail first, made a knot with my hair around the elastic and then added bobby pins, keeping quite a bit of my hair out for more of a messy look. I really loved this one for its “I just rolled out of bed like this” qualities – don’t you love how spending more time on one’s hair offers the effect of spending less?


Inspired by all things soft, loose and feminine, I added a ballerina-esque headband to Thursday’s look. With the help of some bobbies, I secured my waves around the headband, making it look like it fell into place that way. As you’d suspect, this one’s not ideal for a busy workday, but it’s pretty for a special occasion or casual night out. I have so many fabulous headbands collecting dust in my linen closet, and it’s time they got some wear.

For casual friday, I parted my hair way on the side, combing my locks back into a half-up pony tail. I then pinned a small section of the ponytail around to hide the elastic. This one was an easy fix, and the part adjustment kept things fresh.

Sometimes, even if you’re not elated by it, you have to push yourself to try new things to see what comes of it. Whenever I decide to spend an extra 10 minutes on my beauty routine, the outcome pays off ten fold. If you’re lacking imagination in any department, blogs, youtube and any fashion mag has got you covered – that’s exactly what they’re there for after all. Happy experimenting, nuts!


  1. Sabrina Salvo says:

    the sock bun <3 my new best friend. (After you of course.) :)

    My next fave, your side knot. I have to try that one.

    And your friday-doo. So nice on you!! Love the ultra side part and the wrap-around. A classic go-to for those days when your hair is just begging for some lovin.

    So.. what happened to the french braid? haha oxo

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