Putting Pony Dry Through its Paces

Fellas, unless you are rocking a sweet man bun, this post is not for you.

But, before you go, one question: Have you ever seen your girlfriend, partner, mother, sister, grandma, nanny pathetically try and wash one portion of their head without getting the rest wet? This usually happens while said long-haired female is helplessly hanging upside down in the sink and likely spitting profanities.

While you’ve probably questioned what in the hell they’re doing, or perhaps, the sanity of the entire female gender, hear us out. There is a completely logical reason for why we would subject ourselves to this torture and utter humiliation:


Sorry. Slight outburst from a bushy haired brunette who has always worn her hair past her shoulders and has almost never showed up to a party on time given the above time commitment.

Deep breaths. The good folks at Pony Dry are here to change our lives forever. They’ve heard our cries, and in attempt to save our necks from craning, have developed a product that allows you to wash the top of our head, while keeping—wait for it—your pony dry! Genius.DSC_0840

The revelation that this product exists came after a bachelorette weekend in Chicago in which 12 girls shared two bathrooms for four days. You do the math. We were dreaming of Pony Dry in our sleep.

So, when the PD peeps sent us a sample I pounced on it.

Then I opened it.DSC_0847

And. I mean, it’s a hilarious shape.

I’m not sure exactly what I expected it to look like, but after careful inspection of the directions, we could not ignore the obvious comparison.

FINE. I’ll say it.

It looks like a hair condom.DSC_0843

THAT ASIDE, I was still super stoked to try it. My typical hair routine takes in and around an hour to complete. In total, I’ve spent weeks of my life taming my tendrils.

So, last night, after an after-work circuit for a missed Wednesday workout and then getting my daily Barre fix, I was a hot mess. Not only were my roots showing that I got my sweat on, but the crease from 3 hours of ponytail styling was not looking hot.DSC_0867DSC_0875

BUT! The ends of my hair were perfectly fine. Beautifully styled (if I do say so myself!). So, why rewash?DSC_0879

Pony Dry, I need you.

I, very easily, fastened the hair condom Pony Dry product, and off I went.DSC_0880DSC_0884DSC_0898

First point for Pony Dry: my shower time was so speedy. My lather, rinse, repeat choreography was cut in half.

Second point: I used a mere dollop of shampoo, and no conditioner, to accomplish my task (that sh*t is expensive).

Third point: I had so much left over time, that I was able to give some love to my legs with this must-have shave cream from eos (it’s been a rough winter).DSC_0900

As you can see, I exited the shower with a wet scalp, but the PD was still firmly in place.DSC_0914IMG_6928

Now, time to put it up against this relic of a hair dryer that desperately needs to be replaced (ahem, if any one wants us to review one, I would not be opposed!).DSC_0916

From the pictogram instructions, it appears I was supposed to leave the Pony Dry on whilst blow-drying. I gave my scalp a quick five minutes with old faithful, but worried that I was not getting to all the layers of my bushy head.

The moment of truth—WILL my hair look fab upon taking the hair condom (can’t help it) off and WILL my pony ACTUALLY be dry. I could barely stand the suspense.IMG_6930DSC_0920

As I carefully peeled off the Pony Dry (are you getting that visual?), I was instantly impressed with my immaculate pony. Not a hair was out of place, not a strand was soaked!DSC_0922IMG_6931

As I removed the elastic, my heart sunk.

Houston, we have a problem.IMG_6932

There was a good couple of inches where scalp met elastic that was still wet. Could this be it for me and the PD? I had such high hopes.

Too high, I couldn’t give up on you yet.

Even though my normal hairstyling routine includes vigorous cycles with a round brush and a serious tricep workout, I thought perhaps I could salvage the PD experience with just a little bit more attention to my wet locks.

An easy two minutes later, and I looked like I had waltzed out of a salon. My roots were dry, my ends were dry and from start to finish (minus the excessive selfie time—you’re welcome, kids), the whole PD experience probably took me about 12 mins. 12 mins!! That’s 48+ minutes shaved off my normal hair time. Don’t even get me started on the following process that is makeup and outfit selection—is there a Pony Dry for that too?

All in all, I am very pleased with my PD (after maturely getting over the first round of giggles), and I HIGHLY recommend it. Especially for those fit b*tches who work out on the reg.

This quick fix has the potential to be life changing. You’re welcome.

You can order your very own (Canadian made!) Pony Dry at ponydry.com

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