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In A Nutshell: with EMT

The obsession with food trucks- or should I say specialty food trucks- has surged in the last ten years, most likely led by pioneers like Kogi-  a Korean barbecue truck that opened on […]

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Tackling Tacos

 I’ve been on a taco kick lately. In fact, I think many people are embracing tacos as the food forward take on Mexican fare. Ottawa and Toronto have recently seen […]


Real Sports Ottawa – A REAL good time

Ottawa is often pegged as a forgotten city, a sleepy town that is always a step behind its neighbouring metropolis’ of Toronto and Montreal. Personally, I couldn’t disagree more. You […]

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Beckta is back at it

Pollock-ish canvases illuminate the high ceilings.  A giant, modern chandelier dangles over head. Mezzanine seating draws the eye down the long space toward the back, above a brightly lit bar. Ottawa’s […]


Restaurant Opening: gezellig

Today, Ottawa restaurateur Stephen Beckta opens the third installment of his legacy in hospitality.  Enduring three dry runs and one media event, gezellig – located at the corner of Richmond […]

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A blessed UNION

Describing themselves as a Canadian take on Southern hospitality, Union truly is a blessing to the Ottawa dining scene. After the onslaught that Ottawa experienced this year in Southern dining*, (*read Fat Boys and SmoQue Shack), I was underwhelmed to have yet another “Southern style” restaurant opening in, what some would call, a saturated market. …


Brothers Beer Bistro: Sneak Peek

Don’t get too excited, Brothers Beer Bistro isn’t quite open yet but the boys have an exhilarating week ahead, keeping fingers crossed for the inaugural public opening on Friday, May 25th. The Nuts were fortunate enough to get a sneak peek into Ottawa’s newest restaurant (and beer emporium) and last night attended the first of three soft …


Restaurant Opening: Brothers Beer Bistro

About 5 years ago, while working at an accounting firm to get himself through school, Patrick Asselin realized that a 9-5 stint in the Ottawa business district just wasn’t going to cut it for him. Instead, he decided to pursue a career as a restauranteur. Working in the corporate world of the restaurant industry and then, working for the …

Mill St. Brew Pub

One of the latest additions to Ottawa’s restaurant scene, is the stony walled, microbrewery, The Mill Street Brew Pub.  Excited about its proximity to my humble abode, it took about […]

The Moon Room

I’ve always said that the restaurant scene in Ottawa is vibrant, a city stippled with hidden gems. The Moon Room is yet another restaurant to support  this sentiment. Located in […]