Lip Kits

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Kylie Jenner lip kits.

I am a fan of the Kardashians.

There – I said it. Judge me all you want (my friends/family/common sense) do all the time, but I just can’t help it. Call me Keghan and let me join the klan, I’m here for it. Side note: if Kris Jenner is reading this and would like to represent me, I feel like I have a lot to bring to the table.

Given my intense love of all things beauty, coupled with my Kardashian fandom, you can imagine my excitement back in the fall of 2015, when it was announced that the youngest sister in the klan, Kylie Jenner, was launching her very own line of lip products. It’s well documented that Kylie basically “brought back matte” when it comes to lipstick. And I was already all over the MAC Whirl and Velvet Teddy trains (still so good, and definitely highly recommended). So it just seemed natural that I HAD to get my hands on one of her kits.

kylie jenner lip kit

Fast forward a few months and I was without hope. The lip kits were selling out in minutes and it felt like I would never get my hands on one. Never one to back down from a challenge, I persevered. And let me tell you…the experience remains on my list of most stressful things I’ve ever been through.

Back in those early days, Kylie was announcing her restocks solely through her app, but obviously the dates and times of each restock were put all over instagram/twitter as well. The anticipation would build with each restock and I would eagerly sit at my computer (sometimes with multiple devices) and refresh incessantly, hoping to get my paws on one of the kits, competing against 100,000+ people just like me. Sadly, the volume was just too much for Kylie’s website to handle – so you would think you had your cart loaded up, only to get the “circle of death” on your screen, meaning you were stuck in some frozen web world and by the time it refreshed properly, everything was sold out. I was getting the proverbial rug pulled out from underneath me. Every. Damn. Time.

Kylie Jenner

But, on a fateful day in March, while not able to fulfill my entire wishlist (aka buying every single shade), I was able to secure 3 kits: 1 Mary Jo K and 2 True Brown Ks. A duplicate, you ask? Let me explain: by this point, some of the girls I worked with knew that I was on this quest for Kylie and so I was taking orders. Essentially I was a dealer for something much harder to obtain than drugs.

Three weeks later, they showed up. The elusive Kylie box (obviously black because we’re soulmates) showed up at my door and EVERYTHING CHANGED. While Mary Jo K wasn’t my first choice, at this point I would take what I could get. I wore it to work one evening and it was everything I could have wanted from a bold, red, matte lip.

First Order

Wearing: Mary Jo K

First impression: the liner went on like butter and actually looked amazing on its own. Putting on the liquid, I absolutely LOVED the smell (vanila, like an old school lip smackers) and liked how quickly it dried and set into place. Although, there is NO room for error, so you’ve got to be precise in your application!

Later that night: It has great staying power, only needing a bit of a touch up after I ate my dinner (especially true if its oily!). As with any matte, liquid lipstick, it feels a bit dry, but it doesn’t look it. No flakes, no dry patches, just a solid and even colour all night. Also, definitely required a make up remover to take it off and my lips were still left with a rosy stain!

So, obviously after liking Mary Jo K, I was desperate to order more of Kylie’s kits. And all of my failed (and one successful) attmempts had taught me that I needed to be more cut throat when trying to order these bad boys. I gave up my dealer status and started focusing on what I wanted (sorry friends). What I learned about these restocks: you have to get in and get out REAL QUICK. You can pretty much order 2-3 things MAX and you need to be armed and ready. I’m talking credit card number copied and ready to be pasted, account already made so your address is ready to go, and top priority products picked out. There’s no time for waffling during a restock, people! You must do everything you can to minimize the time spent before clicking “Confirm Order”. It’s the hunger games, and only the strongest survive.

Over the past few months, I’ve been able to get my hands on too many a few of her products:

  • Koko K Lip Kit
  • Candy K Lip Kit
  • Posie K Lip Kit
  • Mary Jo K Lip Kit
  • Exposed Lip Kit
  • Heir Metal Matte Lipstick
  • So Cute Lip Gloss

Lip Kits

Overall, the lip kits are definitely my favourite things she sells. The formula is amazing: it’s long lasting, not overly drying and the colours are super flattering. One comment I’ve received while wearing them:

“what did you put on your lips I can’t handle how good they look”.

…Obviously that was the biggest validation I’ve ever received considering the enormous lengths I took to spend my money on these items.

Candy K

Wearing: Candy K

Koko K

Wearing: Koko K (and REALLY channelling my inner Kylie in this shot)

On the cost: to me, it’s fair, given the quality of the product you’re receiving. Yes, you need to factor in international shipping, so I definitely recommend ordering with a friend if you can, but overall, with the exchange, it works out to maybe $4 more than the MAC liner and lipstick I previously mentioned.

Gloss and Metal

The metallic liquid lipstick is so pretty. It’s definitely more of a fun product than an everyday lip colour, but I have rocked it at work and not felt weird about it. What sold me was seeing this picture of Khloe looking like an absolute babe in it. Instantly had to have it. It wears well, but I recommend using it overtop of one of the lip kit liners.

Khloe Metal


Wearing: Koko K Liner + Heir Metal Matte Lipstick

As for the gloss, well as the snap below says: I’m not usually into it, but hers is actually really good. Again, I applied it over a lip liner and I really liked the formula. With an even more intense vanila smell than the lip kits, it is super thick (so you don’t need a lot of product), but not STICKY which is why I usually shy away from glosses. She just launched matching glosses for all of her prior lip kit shades and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them if matte lipsticks aren’t your thing or you want variety in your arsenal.

Exposed-So Cute

Wearing: Exposed Liner + So Cute Lip Gloss

Now that I’ve totally sold you on spending your entire paycheque on lip products buying a Kylie product, let me share the good news: Kylie’s latest goal is to keep enough product stocked to avoid the insantiy that was happening in the first 8 months. So now, you can shop at your leisure and ignore the tips and tricks I outlined above (for the most part). BUT, know that anytime something new launches, the insanity returns. At her last restock, her two newest colours sold out in 8 minutes. Ask me if I got them… *snaps her fingers and nods her head with a smug look*

Koko K - So Cute - Posie K

Wearing: Koko K Liner + So Cute Lip Gloss (left), Posie K (right)

Long story short: it’s not just me that’s obsessed with these things, and the obsession (in my opinion) is justified. The products are great, they make you look and feel good and get you one step closer to the Kardashian inner circle.

The next restock is TODAY (July 22) at 5:30 p.m. Happy shopping and may the (lipstick) odds be ever in your favour.

Lip Kit

P.S. The embarassing amount of selfies in this post was not something I considered when I started writing it. Being a Kardashian is hard.

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