Monster Mash Playlist 2014

Here we are, back at that time of the year when you forget you’re an adult and dress up like a fool. Gotta love it. And so, let there be a playlist! A dark, spooky, eerie – and catchy as hell – batch of songs that will get your monster mash moving in no time. Added bonus? These are all tracks from the past year (save for one evil staple), so you might even earn some cool points with your party goers.

Happy haunting!

Pray to God – HAIM and Calvin Harris: If Calvin Harris releases one more ridiculously catchy collaboration from his forthcoming album Motion, I’m going to puke. And I don’t really like mainstream EDM! But, considering this fresh on the ‘net house jam will drop days after Halloween, and has a very urgent, retro “Like A Prayer”-meets-“Edge of Seventeen” feel to it, I figure it’s a party playlist necessity.

Black Skinhead – Kanye West: I mean, pitchy screams, a thumping beat, rabid dog barks and Kanye’s hurried rhymes are all you need to feel like there’s something around every dark corner.

That Black Bat Licorice – Jack White: Jack, my boy. On top of being incredibly talented and a little spooky himself, White’s waltzy rock track also sounds a little like a Halloween treat you’ll find at the bash’s buffet table.

Normal Person – Arcade Fire:Is anything as strange as a normal person?” At a Halloween party, no. Let this absolute scorcher from Arcade Fire’s Reflektor be a reminder to be your weirdest self on Friday, and the rest of the year.

Sanctified – Rick Ross (feat. Kanye West and Big Sean): In case any of the ghouls or goblins at your gathering need purifying, or just reason to lose their mind on the d-floor, this already-classic hip-hop track should do the trick.

Cruel World – Lana del Rey: Drink a little of the dark, sultry, woe-is-me Lana punch and you’re guaranteed to feel a little “f**king crazy,” like the “gangster Nancy Sinatra” herself.

Eden – Ben Khan: The buzzing, twitchy beat of Khan’s electro-pop track sounds sinister enough to have you feeling freaky in all the best ways.

Red Eyes – War on Drugs: Let’s rev things up with one of the most exemplary indie-rock tracks of the year. Although a bit more uppity, Adam Granduciel’s huge yelps should get you moving.

Don’t Love Me – Moby (feat. Inyang Bassey):I know you don’t love me, but you don’t have to be so mean” is a fairly common sentiment in ballads. But, this one is different; when the words come from Bassey’s growly pipes, and are paired with dark instrumentation, it’s taken to a creepy new level.

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane: Alas, the song I saved until the end so I could think about it less. A staple on every year’s in a nutshell Monster Mash playlist, this song – featuring Grace Slick’s disturbing vocals and that menacing bass line – is pure evil. Gah.

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