A Day in the Life of a One-Day Juice Cleanse

Yesterday was National Eat What You Want Day.

And me? Well, I ate nothing.

That’s right. I didn’t consume any real food yesterday. Instead, I did a one-day juice cleanse.

Not exactly a fan of starving myself, I was reluctant to take on a one-day cleanse (I know, I’m a baby). But, when inanutshell was offered a collection of fresh, cold pressed juices by Pure Kitchen, I knew I couldn’t turn down the challenge.

Pure Kitchen is Ottawa’s latest vegetarian/vegan/organic/healthful/mindful/soulful restaurant. As described in the Ottawa Citizen’s review, Pure Kitchen is,  “something greater than just an eatery. It’s more like the culinary embodiment of a shiny, happy lifestyle, in sync with its neighbourhood’s cluster of yoga studios and upscale sporting gear stores.”

And, along with this shiny, happy locale, there is a line of fresh, cold pressed juices that are, we think, going to be all the rage.

As for the cleanse(s), inanutshell got a sneak peak at what’s to come for Pure Kitchen’s customers: a one day cleanse, a three day cleanse, and a variety of other juicing options.

While I write this, Meghan and Catherine are still in juice mode, so stay tuned for their reviews.

So, what did I think of the one day cleanse?

It was difficult. Yet, I was never, ever hungry.

Going in to the cleanse, I expected to be starving all day long. But in fact, it was quite the opposite.

As for the juices, I was equipped with six for the entire day. And this is how the day of juicing went, in a nutshell:

six bottles

7:30 am: Pure Juice FLUSH

Thoughts before the juice: “I am a juice queen! I can do anything! Hear me roar!” *proceeds to shake juice violently and chug*

Thoughts after the juice: “This is actually AWESOME. I love juicing. On to the next one, on to the next one…..”

10:00 am: Pure Juice HEALED

Thoughts before the juice: “Hello, colourful orange beverage. What do you taste like?”

Thoughts mid-juice: “No. Just no. I cannot do this.”

12:00 pm: Pure Juice GROUNDED

Thoughts before the juice: “DEAR GOD, let this taste better than the last. This is my LUNCH, for gods sake!!!”

Thoughts after the juice: “Okay. That was good. I’M BACK, BABYYYYY!”

2:00pm: Pure Juice CHAMPION

Thoughts before the juice: “This isn’t the one I’m supposed to have right now, but I NEED it. I NEEEEEEED it. It looks like a milkshake, it must taste like one, too. I’m drinking it.”

Thoughts after the juice: “I feel like a CHAMPION!!!”

5:00 pm: Pure Juice GLOW

Thoughts before the juice: “Glow you say, eh?”

Thoughts after the juice: “Why haven’t I gone to the bathroom yet? Is this normal?”

7:30 pm: Pure Juice EMBRACING

Thoughts before the juice: “I can’t drink another one. But, I must.”

Thought after the juice: “I did it! I really AM a juice queen!” *proceeds to rummage through kitchen cupboards for a snack…just kidding*

All in all, I would love to replace one meal a day with a juice and, if I had my pick, it would be with the CHAMPION juice or the FLUSH juice – both were delicious, filling and refreshing.

Stay tuned for Cat’s experience with a-juice-a-day and Meghan’s review of the juices on a three-day cleanse. I’m rooting for ya, Meg!



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