All I Want for Christmas…

You know when you’re spending a sunny Saturday morning with your best friends, chatting, sipping coffee, laughing uncontrollably, sauntering around, linking arms, and sometimes, posing on a bench..? Don’t you sometimes wish you had your own photographer capturing every moment of your palpable adoration for each other? We certainly do. And this past Saturday, on a perfect, clear winter day in Ottawa, we were lucky enough to have photographer Susan Ganas take some shots of us.

As we gobbled on out-of-this-world scone bacon/cheddar melts, sipped bold coffees at The Scone Witch, and strolled down wreath-adorned Sparks Street, we got some great shots of the five nuts who put their hearts and souls into this very blog.

We had spent the previous evening preparing a few Holiday posts (stay tuned!), watching the perfect Christmas movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary, topping off a box wine (nothing but the best.) and lulling ourselves to sleep with Bailey’s on ice.

People always say that the Holidays are the time for family, and we will all be at our homes come Christmas of course, but it’s important to find some time for the girlfriends who will always have your back too. After all, who’s to say we aren’t family? …in a nutshell. 

+ see our new About Us photo here :)

All photos by Susan Ganas (@shirpasue) – Thank you again Susan for your kindness!


  1. Nat Stacey says:

    you guys are FAB!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Ok seriouslyyyy.. such nice pictures!! 5th to last one – I felt fuzzy inside. Miss you girls!!

  3. Susan says:

    Great photos, Susan! Meghan and other in a nutshell girls – you look like you’re having so much fun.

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