Monday Movie Music Moment

This was one for the books. The final scene of Fight Club is powerful and entertaining mainly because it’s one of the most intriguing endings to a coming-of-age film – but also because the fascinating music choice is paired perfectly with the essence of the scene. Right as the twist ending is revealed to this psychological action-flick (that also stars dreamboat Brad Pitt), Edward Norton is suddenly himself again; re-assuring a very confused Helena Bonham-Carter before a bomb detinates, tearing down the buildings as they watch. The opening chords of “Where Is My Mind?” (fitting song name) by famed indie-cult group The Pixies begin to strum, and as the beat kicks in alongside the famous coo-ing vocals, the buildings go up in flames. A sign of a good music choice is if you hear the tune and always remember that one film situation it was linked with. Needless to say, it’s tough for me to hear the opening “ooh’s” of this absolutely classic anthem, and not think of exploding buildings. So, a music supervision job very, very well done…in a nutshell.

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