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You know you’re best friends when…

1. You remember important milestones in their lives, like breakups, moves, trips and birthdays, better than they do.

2. Your computers have secret folders filled with ugly/embarrassing/inappropriate photos of you, that will never appear on  Facebook, or be seen by others…until maybe the bachelorette.

3. After months apart it feels like just yesterday…time and distance can even make you feel closer than ever before.

4. You keep allergy pills, gluten-free beer or any other items of no use to you, at your home, just for them.

5. Your siblings, parents and co-workers always follow the standard “how are you?” with…”and how are the girls?

6. Your favourite memories include nights at the university bar celebrating the golden goal, the day one of you got your license and the first time you used your fake ID, and the same person is present for each of them.

7. You can sit for hours in silence and it’s not uncomfortable at all, it’s actually a relief.

8. When you’re feeling extremely goofy and ridiculous, you know where to turn for reciprocation and absolutely no judgment.

9. You have their parents on Facebook, and withstand the likes and comments on each and every photo and status update, and the utter overuse of exclamation points.

10. A friend of the nuts, Kevin Eller, often says: “Put me in a dumpster with all my friends, and I’ll have a good time.” You find yourselves in any dive bar, party, country or awkward situation, and you’re still having a grand ol’ time, because you’re together.

11. They know when to say what you want to hear, and when to tell the truth. Sometimes all you need is a good slap of reality, but often you’re just looking for your bff to comfort you and tell you everything will be alright.

12. They go through your closet and pick out memories like they’re written on your tops, dresses and shoes. “Oh my god last time you wore this…[insert hilarious moment here]”

13. Through moves, breakups, career changes, graduations and all the little things life brings…you can still find the time to keep in touch, and pour your heart into a beloved blog …in a nutshell.

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    this post makes me really happy.. :)

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