Pet Peeve(s) of the Week

It’s been an emotional week for us nuts, with the departure of one of our closest friends looming. And somehow, the goodbyes are still not done! With Kaylee taking off for Europe next week, it will be another emotionally charged weekend. That being said, I have not been as annoyed by anything in particular this week. BUT, as a result of these weekly articles, a few pet peeves were brought to my attention over the past few days by friends…

Changing the Toilet Paper:

  1. DO IT. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’re ALWAYS the one who has to do it at home, except for being stuck in an awkward bathroom situation as the result of an empty roll.*Just to clarify, no one can get by on 2 squares, so that is not an acceptable amount to leave behind.

    REALLY? What are you supposed to do with this?!

  2. Apparently, it bothers some people… *cough*my boyfriend*cough*…when you change the toilet paper the wrong way. I have recently found out that there are two types of people: those who pull from the bottom and those who pull from the top. As insignificant as this sounds, it sparked a semi-heated debate last night…
Is it wrong that I disagree?

*I live with Kate and I know that this bothers her to her core and I am therefore tempted to leave it empty frequently…


This one isn’t something that I notice or am bothered by too often, but it REALLY grinds the gears of some people… *cough*JennTod&IanKaufman*cough* …Apparently it is quite bothersome when people take their food out before the timer is completed and don’t CLEAR the timer so that the clock re-appears. According to them…it’s one button, how hard can it be?

It's just one button, folks...

Elimination Flip Cup:

Last night, a rousing game of flip cup was instigated at Jenn’s going away party. Now, I’m all for being inclusive and letting everyone play, but if you’re going to engage in elimination flip cup, don’t cry when you are the worst player and have to leave. Man up, realize that you can’t ‘one sip, one flip’ and bow out gracefully. So I’m cut throat…sue me. There’s still beer around whether you’re in the game or not, so adopt a new motto: ‘Win or lose, we still booze…in a nutshell!”

Win or lose...the aftermath of a Flip Cup tourney.

*Images via Google, with the exception of the beautiful portrait immediately above…


  1. Kate is most definitely MY daughter lol

  2. kentjulia says:

    UMMMM YES these are pet peeves!!! i have a whole long list of mine if you ever run out of ideas meg :)

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