Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: Jason Derulo singing ‘Jason Derulo’

This week’s pet peeve is more of a humorous observation that I recently stumbled upon. While listening to the radio this past week, I was privy to a ‘double shot’ of tunes, two songs played back to back by the same artist. The artist that they double-dipped was Jason Derulo. Immediately, a new pet peeve was born. Why does Jason feel the need to sing his name at the beginning of every song he has? Seriously, think about it. He sings his name in the same melodic way at the beginning of every song that he has released. And he doesn’t stop there…

Why is Jason so adamant on singing his own name? Is he worried he’s going to forget it? Is he self-conscious or self-obsessed? Do you think that when he walks into a room, he sings his name as a way to make an entrance? Do you think he speaks in the third person often?  Do you think it’s his way of getting people to do things for him? (“Jason Derulo…wants a sandwich” – Okay, okay, stop singing your name. I’ll get out the luncheon meat…)

Jason, I beg of you, either tell me why you feel the need to engage in this awkward name game, or the easier option…STOP SINGING YOUR OWN NAME!

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