Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: Inconsiderate Drivers

I want to make something clear before I begin: I’m not talking about bad drivers. It’s one thing to be a bad driver; it’s dangerous and it’s frustrating for other vehicles on the road. Bad drivers make mistakes that cause accidents, but they have no bad intentions while doing so. Inconsiderate drivers, on the other hand, are much more frustrating. They are well aware of their bad behaviour, but they just don’t care. And this sense of entitlement is what makes inconsiderate drivers so damn annoying.
Here are a few of the most aggravating behaviours of an inconsiderate driver:

1.Not using turn signals.

Just to let you know, there are cars behind you that would benefit from knowing which direction you plan to maneuver your thousand-pound moving object. It throws me off course when you jet out in front of me without warning. It sets me up for disaster when you abruptly turn onto a side street. It also lets me know that you care so little about the people around you that you can’t be bothered to make a slight movement with your left arm to turn on your signal. Thanks, glad I mean so much to you.

Clearly, this measly amount of effort is overwhelming for you...

2.Waiting until the last second to merge.

Being stuck in traffic is arguably the worst thing in the world. Okay, maybe I exaggerated, but it’s awful. You literally lose minutes/hours of your life that you will never get back, staring at another car’s bumper and taillights. To make this situation worse, you will undoubtedly encounter an inconsiderate driver who drives to the very end of the merge lane and forces the nose of their car into the congestion. Newsflash: not only are you slowing down the traffic behind you, but you’re also letting everyone else on the road know that you think that your destination is more important than theirs. Sorry, but I want to make it home to watch Dr. Phil too, ok?

Prime example of this problem. White car, for SHAME!

3.The ‘No-Wave’.

This is by far the worst offence that an inconsiderate driver commits. On the road we all work together, acting conscientiously toward our fellow drivers by letting them in ahead of us. There is no better feeling than allowing someone to merge from a side street in front of you and them thanking you with a simple wave. It’s a unifying moment between two strangers that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

Small, but effective. This little wave is all I need...

My ideal wave: over-eager. This family knows what's up!

An inconsiderate driver will never allow you into their lane. But what’s worse, an inconsiderate driver will never give you ‘the wave’. This actually bothers me to my very core. By not waving thank you to me, you symbolically slap me in the face and make fun of my Mom. Seriously, as silly as this may be, the ‘no-wave’ can be interpreted as a personal attack. You let me know that you think that you are entitled to my good-driving-deed and that I (personally) am not worthy of a thank you. You cause my road rage to flare as I scream a sarcastic ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’ while you zoom away unfazed.

'Me' screaming as you drive away, on the verge of a breakdown.

If you are reading this and cannot relate to these sentiments, then YOU are the problem. Be a little bit more conscious of your actions on the road. Adjust your behaviour to better serve your fellow drivers. And for God’s sake, just wave back at me! It’s not going to kill you, but it may kill me if you don’t… in a nutshell.