Pet Peeve of the Week

Subject: The Users of Public Transit

With the weather slowly becoming cooler, the freedom to walk, bike, rollerblade in the warmth slowly fade away. And if you’re like me, and don’t own a car, public transit is the fastest and warmest way to get around. And with this method of transit come pet peeves that really grind my gears.

The red and white limousine I take to work and school

The Awkward Run-In:

This happens to be my co-contributor Kate’s biggest pet peeve. When you’re on the bus, generally you are on a mission to get somewhere. Personally, I like to read, listen to music, check e-mails or generally space out to pass the time while I am in transit. What I don’t like is being forced into an awkward conversation with someone I haven’t seen in years. Somehow, the most random people always pop up on the bus. For example, my mom’s friend’s former co-worker who I met when I was 16. Seriously lady, it’s been 7 years. I really don’t want to fill you in on “what’s been going on lately”.

The problem is, when you run into people like this, it’s never just a fleeting moment of pleasantries. It’s ALWAYS a drawn out, awkward conversation filled with small talk and fake smiles because there is literally nowhere for you to escape to. You are trapped until the sweet freedom of your destination approaches.*

*Unless you are Kate who will literally get off the bus and wait for the next one in order to avoid these scenarios.

Smile politely, acknowledge that we’ve met before and then go find your seat.

The ‘Should Have Stayed Home’ Traveler:

You can ask my Dad (a lovely bus driver) about this phenomenon, but public transit attracts sick people. And the problem here is that, when you’re on the bus, you are literally trapped in a portable breeding ground for illness. There is nothing worse than being in close quarters with someone who has unbearable sniffles or an aggressive cough, because you can almost see the germs spreading from their stuffy heads to your healthy body. Just stay home people! You’re spreading the plague and I’m sick of it! (Pun intended…)

What I feel like wearing during cold season…

The Unnecessary Creep:

When you happen to find a bus with few travellers, it can be a blessing or a curse. There are an abundance of seats and you are able to sit comfortably by yourself. There’s no squeezing into a seat beside someone with twelve parcels. There’s no near-death experience when you’re forced to stand. There’s no getting jostled by fellow travellers or having to push with all your might through crowds to get off the back door. BUT, there is often a trade-off for these perks…*cue ominous music*

There are a MILLION empty seats. Pick one – and leave me alone!

Somehow, these empty trips attract the creepiest people. Despite the fact that there are 40 free seats on the bus, these creepers ALWAYS sidle up to you and sit right beside you. I’m not sure if that is how they get their jollies, but it’s so weird! LEAVE ME ALONE! And don’t get offended because I ask you to move. You are 100% in the wrong, you creepy, creepy human!


  1. Jenny says:

    You are the best human being of life and I tune in regularly just for a giggle especially when im down in the dumps. Keep this stuff coming and perhaps maybe you can discuss one of my biggest pet peeves, how parents let their runts run around in public places such a restaurants! its not a play ground people….keep those kids safe by strapping them down to their seats. Loves you Megs.

  2. Oh there are so many you missed! For example, the people who sit on a crowded bus with their bag (sometimes just a small handbag) on the seat next to them. Especially if they are looking around and can therefore see all the people standing!

    Or the young, perfectly healthy people who sit in the priority seats and just stare at me when I come on with the baby.

    Or the people who listen to music so loud that I can actually hear the words at the other end of the bus.

    I’m also slightly miffed by the stroller people. I get it if you have multiple kids, but when there’s just one, you could just as easily use a carrier and only take up one seat instead of a stroller that takes up three – at the very least on days when it isn’t too hot!

  3. Meghan Brown says:

    @Mr Popular Sentiment: I completely agree with all of your examples! I was actually planning a Part 2 to this post, but you summed up my thoughts to a tee!

  4. Teisha says:

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