Meggo, The Eggo

Happy Birthday to another nut, our dearest Meghan! Even though all of us can’t be with you  today, we are all thinking of you on your 23rd !  Have a wonderful day and enjoy the following hilarious mad libs in honour of one hilarious woman! xoxxo


In one word, Meghan is: Supportive

Meghan’s biggest pet peeve is: People not backing out of elimination flip-cup when they are clearly the worst player on the team. This one really gets her going.

You’ll never find Meghan: eating chocolate

My favourite day with Meghan: All of frosh week when we were Porcupines together….Minkus!!

My favourite night with Meghan: There are many. But I would have to say meeting up in London, England for dinner and drinks. It was pretty amazing seeing one of my best friends overseas.

I would build Meghan: A plane, so that whenever she had the time she could travel the world at her own leisure.

One of Meghan’s best lines ever was: This is very hard to choose from being that Meghan is one of the funniest women I know.  But my the thing that always makes me laugh is when she throws out a very sarcastic “ok!”

In 5 years, you’ll find Meghan: A very successful woman, working her way through the ranks of the government. Meghan will own a big house that I will stay at every time I am in Ottawa. She will have spent every free moment between school and work traveling with her beau!


 In one word, Meghan is: Hysterical.
Meghan’s biggest pet peeve is: anything that involves disrespect towards her friends, and also people misrepresenting her homeland from other countries.
You’ll never find Meghan: Cuddling.
My favourite day with Meghan: Being Heads together and watching her frolic past the canal in head-to-toe clown gear.
My favourite night with Meghan: The weekend of Browne when we celebrated our birthdays together in Montreal & Ottawa.
I would build Meghan: a 1-person snuggie that included 4 paw-holes for Jasp.
One of Meghan’s best lines ever was: “I’d pay to know who that is” / “I’d pay to know who any of these people are” (gets me every time).
In 5 years, you’ll find Meghan: Running a sector of the gov. in Ottawa, happy as a clam!


In one word, Meghan is: Intelligent

Meghan’s biggest pet peeve is: When I take a sip of her coke without paying for
my own.

You’ll never find Meghan: Without her meticulously highlighted agenda.

My favourite day with Meghan: Was Catherine’s birthday 2010 on the canal, when
she exited her tug boat.

My favourite night with Meghan: Was one of our underage ventures to Hull, where
she took care of me, slugged me, fended off my unwanted suitors and crip walked,
like a G, on the Le Bop d floor while having a blue bandana hailed upon her


When we dressed as “cereal” killers for a flip cup tournament and she, as Toucan Sam, ended up funneling out of her home-made beak.

I would build Meghan: A house that replicates the cat house on Parliament Hill,
where she can keep Jasper and his future family of furry felines.

One of Meghan’s best lines ever was: “I’m taking cheese slices to bed, judge me
in the morning”

In 5 years, you’ll find Meghan: Judging some fool in the Supreme
Court, with “ballin’” engraved on her gavel.


In one word, Meghan is: loyal.
Meghan’s biggest pet peeve is: anything involving children, gangsters, idiots or strangers.
You’ll never find Meghan: removing sarcasm from her vocabulary
My favourite day with Meghan: When Kate & I enthusiastically decided to sail the canal for my 22nd birthday and Meghan hated every minute of it, culminating with her falling into the canal upon dismount and causing Kate & I to die with laughter. Tripod! Love you Meg, such a good sport!
My favourite night with Meghan: When I valiantly guarded my post and called her to tell her about it from the front door.
I would build Meghan: A comprehensive Mudge & Fudge a history scrapbook outlining all of our best moments from the past 17 years with a page reserved for “Pictures of Meghan with a tucked in turtleneck”.
One of Meghan’s best lines ever was: Past: “Mine says SARDIA, SARDIA” … Present: “YOUR MOM’S COURAGEOUS!” … Classic: “No, no, — insert annoyed comment and wavey arm motion -– I’d pay. I’m over it.”
In 5 years, you’ll find Meghan: Probably doing another masters just for kicks, is somebody’s boss in the government, happily married, in a nice house in Ottawa and handing her first born over to one of its adoring Godmother’s so that she can take a break and watch some reality TV.


In one word, Meghan is: Hilarious.

Meghan’s biggest pet peeve is: anyone that disrespects her friends. She’s the mother of everything supportive, true, and blatenly honest… you can count on her for just about anything.

You’ll never find Meghan: not being whitty/quick to come back with a smart comment.

My favourite day with Meghan: was when she moved in my apartment while I was in Aussieland – couldn’t imagine lending the space to anyone else.

My favourite night with Meghan: is any night I can get her drunk enought to sing to me in a corner – any of our favorite Divas will do – …Mariah, Lauryn, Celine, the list goes on.

I would build Meghan: a recording studio so she could make CDs for me to listen to on the reg, and would be tributes to me like ” slow jamz for Allison and black guys volume 1″, and so on.

One of Meghan’s best lines ever was: anything with “QUIT IT” in it, or when she hollered at me “YOUR MOMS COURAGEOUS!” during an intense game of apples to apples at Kays cottage.

In 5 years, you’ll find Meghan: hosting a talk show along the lines of Ellen only way more legit. She’s brilliant, absolutely hilarious, and has an innate passion for helping people around her. It would be just as funny, but more real and blunt like a Sex and the City episode. It’d be a total guilty pleasure for women across the globe. She’d also do all the dances throughout the audience that I would choreograph as her assisstant, obviously


In one word, Meghan is:Grounded.Meghan’s biggest pet peeve is:Idiots, or people who she would “pay” to know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.You’ll never find Meghan:Blowing off any of her plans with friends or family.My favourite day with Meghan: Almost 3 years ago, sitting together on a Sunday in the empty atrium on campus, writing/rehearsing a frosh audition song to the tune of “See You Soon” by Miley Cyrus (dressed in shutter shades and other questionable items).

My favourite night with Meghan: The night we realized we truly were in love. Our best friends Catherine and Kate had insisted we get to know each other better, and when it finally happened (on a boat, over a few shots of JD and hilarious banter) – we were set for life.

I would build Meghan: A special system so that we had to report to her (Mother Goose) with our ridiculous life choices and hilarious habits – mainly for mocking purposes. Or a Cosmic Adventures playtrium that only her, Shaun and their cat Jasp could play in.

One of Meghan’s best lines ever was: “Not legit” (pronounced lay-gee) OR screaming “YOUR MOM’S COURAGEOUS!”

In 5 years, you’ll find Meghan: Nursing several owl-like kittens, married, an adorable mother to hilarious babies, and throwing down as a high-ranking female in the government – giving a voice to all of the people that don’t have one!

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  1. Kevin Kitts says:

    But Reese, chocolate is so very, very good. YUMMY!
    You may not like cuddling, Reese, but what about huddling ……….as in football!
    Reese, what the hang does ‘crip walked like a G, on the Le Bop d floor while having a blue
    bandana hailed upon her head’ mean……….and why would you slug Kate!
    Uuuuummmmmmm, Reese, you and Jess were at one time ‘truly in love’!
    You actually fell into the canal, Reese!
    Reese, can you explain the significance of the expression ‘YOUR MOTHER IS COURAGEOUS’
    and the reason you always murmur, scream or holler it in capital letters!
    in a nutshell

  2. Kevin Kitts says:

    Correction………. I actually said it on August 23, 2011 at 10:25 pm:
    in a nutshell

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