Look Legit, Feel Legit: The New Nutshell!

Just like a fresh coat of paint, a wardrobe change, or a new job…everything needs a little boost from time to time. After a year and a half of scrumptious recipes, journeys from Seattle to London, tunes for every occasion, shopping tips, Bachy recaps, book reviews, pet peeves and so much more, Nutshell deserves a little makeover!

So, WELCOME! The new nutshell brings you easier navigation, more visual appeal and put plainly, it’s a whole lot of pretty. We intend to reinvent the wheel moving forward, offering more of the topics you love, and a lot more in the way of original, inspiring content. More specifically, you’ll see new features like:

Nut of the Month: We surround ourselves with some genuinely fabulous women who can teach us a thing or two about life. Each month, we’ll feature one nut who will tell us her story, whether it is thought-provoking, hilarious or jaw-dropping. Watch for the first piece in October, and let us know if you’d like to nominate someone!

– Man’s Digest: While we have juggled this role between male and female authors in the past, we are thrilled to announce that Man’s Digest will be written by Allan Gordon and Ken Essex moving forward. Stay tuned for some monthly comedy, your little dose of male insight for the month! (And for our male readers — one less beauty or fashion story to withstand)

– Contests: Love our Body Shop contests? Get excited for way more in the way of giveaways in the coming months. The more giving we can do, the better!

While we certainly aren’t accepting an award that deserves a lengthy speech, (but ahem, we will be prepared to do so when the occasion arises) there’s someone we can’t go without mentioning. Phil Adrien is the mastermind behind the ‘new nutshell’. He approached us with the thought of a redesign and he put in the hours to bring us this wonderful new format. Without Phil’s creativity and generosity, you – our readers – would be left scrolling through our very generic WordPress format today. Phil is currently embarking on a whole new life chapter, moving to Dubai to conquer the digital realm of advertising, and we couldn’t be more thankful that he lent us his brain for the summer.

Finally, to completely understand the heading of this post, you must know this…Catherine once uttered these words on a late night in the cottage after a few drinks and a wardrobe change, in the most serious of tones, “Look Legit, Feel Legit”, resulting in a belly of laughs from each of us… we’re happy to say that Nutshell is following Cat’s mantra as of today!

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    Thanks for the shout out. Congrats!l

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