In a Nutshell: Chapter Two

If you don’t happen to know all us nuts personally, you may not know that our stunning writer, Jess, who is musically-inclined, fashion-oriented and always in-the-know, has made the move from quaint Ottawa to the big city of Toronto. Joining me just a few weeks after my official move from Montreal, I can’t express how ecstatic I am to have a nut just a streetcar away, day and night.  As many of you know, our nutshell fairy tale began in Ottawa at Carleton U, where we each met at different times and in different places, under a variety of circumstances. After foraging an unbreakable bond as a group, we thought our curiosities, adventures and obsessions might best be expressed through a blog, especially considering we all had a passion for writing  (quite an important factor when a blog is concerned). Since then, we’ve graduated University, gotten big-girl jobs, traveled, and moved cities, all the while cradling in a nutshell, and devoting hours on end to fresh content and ideas.

Even though we all met in one place, we’ve never actually all lived in the same city while our blog has been alive. In May of 2011 when in a nutshell came to fruition, I was living in Montreal while the rest of the nuts were going about their hectic lives in Ottawa. Thus, a new chapter unmarked by an official date or ceremony, is here. Two in Toronto, three in Ottawa – a nicely balanced spread of nuts throughout Ontario.

With Toronto’s MasterCard Fashion Week upon us, Jess and I already plan to bring you details from exciting events, hidden gem restaurants, and shopping hotspots in Toronto. We ask though, that you bear with us – we are true newbies in this big city. A K-towner and a Montrealer have a lot to learn when it comes to getting around, studying where each street lives, experimenting with day trips to unknown districts, and scouting out great places to eat, shop and party – especially in a city of this grandeur. It will take some time to become experts, but we’ll surely get there with the help of friends, and our trusty instincts.

Jess will be greatly missed in the place she’s called home for the past five years, but the people welcoming her with open arms to this big city, are elated to have her bubbly, inquisitive, knowledgeable, adventurous self in their midst. We all know that Jess will strive in this competitive, lively city, showing off her keen sense for all things new, in a place that thrives on just that.

Moving forward, expect to see some articles on our Toronto escapades, it will be so lovely to write about our newbie experiences with readers that likely have a lot of knowledge to share. If you think we should check out a particular event, street, restaurant, store – please leave a comment on one of our posts or tweet at us @inanutshellca / write on our Facebook wall. In a nutshell, these next few months will be exceptionally novel for Jess and I, and we cannot wait to learn everything Toronto has to offer, with none other than our fabulous readers!

PS – If you’re wondering where Friday’s Fashion Fix is – we’ve decided to put it on hold for the unforeseen future. Fresh ideas are what keep a blog rolling, right? 


  1. Kevin Kitts says:

    Yo Fashionista, a very well-written article concerning the move from university to young womenhood, the development of lasting friendship, and the excitement of being young girls in a new and big city.
    It sounds like you and Bonzo will be painting Toronto red, once you both get settled………while turning out some great inanutshell articles in the process.
    In all probability, there will be no harm done for Toronto The Good, T.O., Hogtown, Sin City, The Major Canadian City Where The Mayor (Mel Lastman – a.k.a. Bad Boy) Asked For The Assistance Of The Canadian Army After A Snow Storm, to receive a new coat of paint.
    All the best to you and Bonzo in your new adventure.

  2. Sabrina Salvo says:

    loved seeing these two nuts in toronto this weekend. no doubt in my mind they will take the city by storm <3

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