Happy Birthday Cat! Welcome to your party…

Her dream.

Today, our little kitty Cat, Cat Paw, Miz Catherine Boo, Catty Boo, Catherine J. Kitts, Catlink…turns 24. We couldn’t be prouder of our “Boo” as she approaches the mid-twenties mark; she’s grown into a tremendous woman who constantly proves her capabilities as a hard-working journalist and dedicated blogger, while not letting her passion for embracing life and all of its wonders ever slip by the wayside. One year after celebrating hers as the first nutshell birthday – deadlines and due dates have still not deterred our dear friend from doing what she loves, remaining a romantic, sticking by us through thick and thin and continuing to amaze us with her determination and strength. Keep up the wonderful work, Cat – we love you!

And although we know she’s had quite a few celebrations this past weekend – in light of her special day, we thought we would share with our readers how her four best friends/fellow nuts would choose to throw a party for the wild birthday girl.

So how does one throw a party for a party nut? Here’s how we think it should be done:

On the outfit, KAYLEE says:

Our birthday girl’s flirty, floral, colorful, flowy skirts and dresses are just as much her signature as that dark, wavy mane of hers. Add ruffles, a cross-body bag, small studs, flat sandals…and you’ve got Catherine’s summer style, in a nutshell.

(1. http://bit.ly/JIjJ2C 2. http://bit.ly/MWBjwY 3. http://bit.ly/KWFxGN)

On the grub, KATE says…

Cat has never been a meat and potatoes kind of girl and although her carnivorous side loves a well grilled steak, she is always the first one to jump at the opportunity to try something new. This is the perfect menu for our birthday girl: a recreation of some of her favourite dishes, the tried and true, expressed in an experimental way. We love you Cat and your eagerness to experience new things, whether it is food related or not!

On the drinks, MEG says…

Jello shots are always the marker of a fun night, so I thought there would be no better way to celebrate our resident party-girl’s Birthday, than with Jello shot cupcakes. Made with whipped cream flavoured vodka, these sweet treats were definitely a hit!

On the music, JESS says…

At the end of a work week (or during!), there’s no denying that our little party nut likes a good beat. Years of teaching dance paired with countless nights on the town/behind the bar have led to Catherine’s knack for pointing out the best crowd-pleasing Top 40 jams. On top of Cat’s being immersed in the club favourites – roadtrips, summer night strolls and living room dance parties with our best friend have also shown she’s got a soft spot for the throwback classics. As long as she can bust a move or throw her arm around a best pal, she’s in her element.

1. Back in Time – Pitbull  2. Levels – Avicii 3. The Veldt – deadmau5 4. Let It Go – Dragonette 5. The Motto – Drake feat. Lil’ Wayne 6. Starships – Nicki Minaj 7. Monster Hospital – Metric (MSTRKRFT remix) 8. The Night Out – Martin Solveig 9. No Diggity – Blackstreet 10. Let It Out – Girl Talk 11. The Stand – Mother Mother 12. Steal My Sunshine – Len

Have the best day, Cat – you deserve it. Here’s to the next amazing year!


The 5 sunburnt nuts on Cat’s birthday, 2010

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    lovvveeee ittttt ladies! love u ck

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