Getting Over the Monday Blues

Not too far back, Catherine posted about the little things that had been making her happy. From getting silly gifts in the mail from friends or coming home to a surprise from her room mates, it always seems to be the little things that keep us going when times get rough. Well, if you’re living in Ottawa today, you probably woke up and wished that you could crawl back under the covers and hide. A blizzard hit and somehow it feels like we’ve retreated 3 months and are living in the heart of January. So, in an effort to lift my spirits on this snowy Monday, here are a few things that are making me happy right now…

Essie’s ‘Cute as a Button’ Nail Polish

As someone who had acrylic nails for 5+ years and just recently let her natural nails grow, nail polish has become a new obsession of mine. I picked this shade up when the weather was a tad nicer because it seemed perfect for summer. Yesterday, a friend asked me if they were lacquered because they looked so nice. Spirits were immediately lifted.


Sparkly Shoes from ALDO

It took me SO long to get in to the office this morning in the snow storm. It didn’t help that I was bundled in a parka and boots that I thought were stored away until next year. Luckily, I have a new pair of sparkly flats in the office that are brightening my mood every time I have to walk to the printer.

Surprise! Fresh Flowers!

I’ve been house sitting this past weekend and the owner left fresh flowers for me to enjoy! Flowers have definitely grown on me in the past year. I used to think that it was futile to buy flowers because they inevitably die, but now I see how nice a fresh bouquet can pull together a room and brighten your mood!

The Sock Bun

After Kaylee revealed this secret and I tried it, I literally contemplated formulating a blog post about how the sock bun has recently saved my life. But I figured that might be a tad ridiculous. Either way, my sock bun is securely in place and I’ve never felt better. No longer does an awkward sumo/messy bun adorn the top of my head, but rather, a power-bun that shows people who’s boss. Takes 2 minutes and looks great. Long live the sock.

Game 6 is TONIGHT!

With Vancouver being eliminated from the NHL playoffs last night, the Canadian quest for the Cup lies solely in the hands of the Ottawa Senators. Since tonight is game 6 and the team has the chance to win the series, today (even though there’s snow) is a good day. #gosensgo

What’s keeping you going on this bleary Monday morning?

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  1. Jess Huddleston says:

    The BEST! I definitely have the Monday blues and need to think of what I can do to perk up my day… xoxo

  2. The sock bun is definitely a livesaver!

  3. Kevin Kitts says:

    Well, Reese, we of the older generation have our good days and our bad days too………just like you younger folks.
    However, I tend to treat a Blue Monday slightly differently than your pals Perky Bonzo or Sock Bun Rachael!
    Yes, whenever I feel the Monday Blues, I wait until everyone has left for the day and the house becomes almost eerily quiet.
    Then I’ll head straight for the living room after having poured myself a refreshing, delicious, and good for the blood circulation wine glass (large size) of Cabernet Sauvignon (always red) and plunk myself down in front of the televsion to watch a recorded 45 minutes or so (fast-forwarding through the commercials) of that show that stars that Canadian girl (can’t remember her name dangit)………………oh yes, the show is called Revenge.
    Works every time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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