25 reasons why you can’t help but love Kaylee

It’s that time of year again, where one of our beloved nuts turns just a little bit older and a little bit wiser. But, like a fine wine, Ms. Kaylee has taken the last 25 years to blossom into what we think is a wonderful woman- full of confidence, ambition and talent.

While you may have come to love Kaylee for her keen eye for fashion and her remarkable wit, there is so much more to this beautiful woman that only her nearest and dearest get to appreciate.


And so, to mark her quarter century birthday, we give you a list of 25 reasons to love Ms. Kaylee Pare.

Kaylee, we love you to bits and pieces, here are just a few of the reasons why:


1. On any given night of partying, Kaylee will channel her inner diva and  likely end up elevated, above the crowd, belting out Beyonce’s Ego.
2.  On that note, Kaylee has a magnificent singing voice. She grew up singing and hasn’t lost an octave or bit of vibrato as the years have passed – a surprise to many people.
3.  Kaylee will always take the time to help her less fashion conscious friends plan an outfit. Usually, her seal of approval is all we need for an instant boost in confidence.

4.      And  although Kaylee is known for her fashion-savvies and is always on the top of the trends, she’s shockingly no fuss-no muss. Maybe it’s because she’s in the know, but she really never worries about what she’s wearing to a party or stresses about her tresses. She’s more concerned with having a casual G&T and enjoying the start of the night – the outfit will figure itself out.


5. Not only can Kaylee pull together an outfit effortlessly, she has impeccable taste when it comes to accessories. Her collection of jewels is one that every girl envies.

6. But, Ms. Kay is very modest about her collection. For example, you would never know that the bling on her finger is David Yurman- unless you’ve been pining after one yourself. For Kaylee, modesty is a must.

7. Although Kaylee is part of a group of girlfriends who have dubbed themselves the “Tequila Train”, she actually hates tequila. But will drink it anyway to make her girlfriends happy.

8. She has two big groups of girlfriends and despite her busy schedule, she still takes the time to do sweet things to make each and every one feel special.

9. This may come as no surprise then, but Kaylee is incredibly loyal. To her friends. To her family. To her loved ones. She is the first one to stand up for you, stand by you and love you for your good and your bad. Kaylee’s allegiances are very deeply rooted.

10. Anyone who knows Kaylee knows she loves to have a good time, but what most people don’t know is that Kaylee stems from a set of loving parents who will party just as hard as she will, into the wee small hours, boogeying on any given dancefloor. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

11.  Kaylee isn’t just a pretty face. It’s not unusual for her to be the last person in the office with no intention of stopping before the task is done. “9-5″ doesn’t apply to this hard-working gal.

12. Kaylee used to be a tomboy bad ass. One summer in her youth, she returned from a ridiculously long all-girls canoe trip (portaging, camping and certainly no bathing) and rebelled against looking ladylike and presentable in her school photo.

13. In fact, Kaylee’s knack for nature has come in handy. Kaylee once got lost from her campgrounds, wandering around a forest for hours. Kaylee managed to find her way back by using her lungs and two hands to make loon calls – a talent that she will only flaunt if you beg her.

13. Kaylee is incredibly tech savvy. When it comes to html, blogging platforms and all other kinds of techy syntax, Kaylee is the girl who has the answer or the determination to figure it out. See inanutshell.ca for more on this.

14. When it comes to music, Kaylee has an enviable knack for the classics. While she loves her contemporaries like Beyonce and The Hip, thanks to music-loving parents and her own excellent taste – you can throw on just about any 60s, 70s or 80s rock, soul or pop playlist without stumping her in a dance party singalong.

15. Kaylee loves an adventure, whether it’s backpacking in Europe and sleeping on the streets of Italy or roughing it in the wilderness, this lady seeks out thrills in each and every corner of the planet.

Kaylee travelling

16. But despite talk of adventure, camping and Kaylee’s inner tom boy, she certainly has a soft spot for the finer things in life. Whether it’s a nice bottle of wine or a tray of oysters, Kaylee  takes the time to appreciate life’s indulgences.

17. With that said, Kaylee prefers to avoid spicy food and when she orders a caesar, she always asks for hers to be mild- not wild.

18.   Kaylee is Ace Ventura. Or Dr. Doolittle. Or some other pet-loving goddess. The mama of cats, dogs and bunnies – Kaylee loves all animals and is the first person to grab your arm and stop you upon encountering any perfectly ordinary pet, as if she’s on an African safari watching baby lions bathe each other for the first time. Last week, her dog peed on her and she laughed like a schoolgirl.Kayleeasdoctordoolittle

19.  Many don’t realize that Kaylee is often the queen of one-liners. Whether it’s a one-liner zing or a dry under-the-breath mutter, sometimes even she doesn’t realize that she’s being hilarious.

20. Kaylee once decided that women, as a breed, are too mean to one another and devoted an entire evening at a bar to helping out her lady-kind. Whether they were in need of a slab of lipstick or someone to take their picture, Kaylee’s social experiment was one for the books.

21. Notoriously Kate is given a hard time about her memory, but sweet, sweet Kaylee isn’t always so sharp on the details either. It’s not uncommon for her to shut herself down as she tries to remember details of a conversation, before shamefully instructing a friend to take over the story.

22. She has perfect nails. Always. Something to be admired in any woman.

23. She has an enviable figure and a petite frame yet has no shame leading the pack for a post bar shwarma, poutine or Big Mac.

24. Despite having lived with her other half for almost a decade, Kaylee’s never one to miss out on a GNO. She’ll be the one bringing the bottle of wine, pumping the jams and never leaving the dancefloor.

25.  Everyone could stand to learn from Kaylee’s fervour for life. Whether it’s appreciating the beauty in the little things (fresh flowers, doggie kisses, a delicious dessert or a kind stranger) or celebrating her friends’ successes as if they’re her own – Kaylee recognizes what’s important and worth caring about, and what isn’t. For Kaylee, there is no doubt that the top of that list is friends and family.


Happy 25th birthday Kaylee! Here’s to celebrating the next 25!














  1. Kristin says:

    Whooop Whoop… happy birthday cousin Kaylee. Great article and can’t wait to see those dance moves live on November 1st along with my swinging dance moves that is :) Big kiss xoxo

  2. Kaylee Pare says:

    LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Thank you, I am so very lucky to know each of you xoxo

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