A Girl Who Gives Us Wings!

Today is a day to pay tribute to one of our dearest friends and greatest supporters, the birthday girl, the first 24 year-old in our close-knit group of friends, the East Coaster and an all-round fabulous woman – Allison Chapman. You’ve certainly seen this friendly gal around in a nutshell before– whether it’s in countless photos, actively contributing her kind words to our birthday mad libs or secretly referenced; but you probably don’t know too much about her. So, on this very special day, here’s our chance to show her the same love she never fails to show us. As we peel back the layers of the multi-talented, smart, hilarious and successful birthday girl – you will indeed have a better idea of exactly how fantastic this honourary nut is. Happy Birthday, Al – you deserve only the best!



In one word, Allison is: Loving.

You’ll never find Allison: not yearning for chocolate lovin’.

My favourite day with Allison was: all 3 days that we spent at Kaylee’s cottage last year for our Reunion weekend. She is the best human and kept me entertained with her constant hilarity, hip hop playlists and dance parties. Also, she instigated the ‘Things on Catherine’s Head’ photo shoot which will go down in history as one of the funniest half hours of my life.

My favourite night with Allison was: a night we were at Ollies, when she came home with me and we blasted rap while waiting for pizza at 3 a.m. A former roommate was not impressed by our behaviour, to which Al responded, “I don’t caaaare. This is my JAM!” and cranked it even louder.

I would build Allison: A music collection that has everything from Dave Matthews to Chris Brown. I would, of course, get recordings of myself and Kaylee (and all the other singers that she knows) so that she doesn’t have to hassle us to sing live every time we reunite.

One of Al’s best lines ever was: “Guys, I had shirtless Ja Rule as my family computer’s screen saver…Pain is love.”

In 5 years, you’ll find Allison: either living in Toronto or back on the East Coast so she’s close to her family. She’ll be even more successful in her career than she already is; dominating the world with her amazing personality and business skills. She’ll be head over heels for a man that treats her like a queen and knows how to love an independent woman. She’ll still be close with her many groups of friends and still be making me laugh with ridiculous comments every time I’m lucky enough to talk to her!

The famous balancing act.


In one word, Allison is: big-hearted

You’ll never find Allison: not making us DIE with laughter on a daily basis in our ttrain bbm group

 My favourite day with Allison was: the morning after the York rookie party when you slept in my bed and we went out for breakfast still in Sunday Funday shirts and played bball in Orleans. Love and basketball at its finest.

 My favourite night with Allison was: when we made our own pub crawl, just us two.  We hit every bar in the market, drank every shot in the city and had the best (worst) stories to tell (after we found each other) the next day.

 I would build Allison: A teleportation machine so she could visit her best girls at the snap of a finger (/ all the time)

 One of Al’s best lines ever was: most of them are not internet appropriate … So I’ll go with any bon qui qui like saying “Girl has GOT TA go.”

 In 5 years, you’ll find Allison: Raising a litter of multi-cultural babies (like Angelina but with the personality of Jen). She’ll have taken over Red Bull and will have somehow convinced all her bffs to move to Toronto to make up for lost time. She’ll still be throwing out the most outrageous and hilarious comments and her gorgeous husband will love her for it. Almost as much as we do.

Sunday Funday with Cat and Kate!


In one word, Allison  is: Animated

You’ll never find Allison: Not saying hilarious things or not being completely honest with her friends and herself.

My favorite day with Allison was: The Saturday we spent at my cottage, balancing ridiculous objects on Catherine’s head, munching on cookies and making the best memories.

My favourite night with Allison was: Running into each other at a Montreal Pub and then spending a hilarious night singing and dancing. On the other hand, any night where we’re tipsy enough to find a corner at a bar to sing Dave Matthews together, is a great one. I can envision many more of those in our future Toronto love :)

I would build Allison: a basketball team that she owned. It would be filled with the sexiest athletes alive…and she would obviously have the key to the locker room.

One of Al’s best lines ever was: It’s a bit too racy for here but let’s just say it involved her future child and how she intended to get it.

In 5 years, you’ll find Allison: A big shot at Red Bull or doing marketing for a sports team, always laughing and knee-slapping, still rocking out to Justin Bieber in her SUV and obviously cradling a mixed-race baby, with her baby’s daddy nearby… who’s probably a part-time rapper.

“Kaylee…PLEASE sing for me.”

From KATE:

In one word, Allison is: Loving

You’ll never find Allison:
Crushing on a white boy. . . unless it’s the Biebs.

My favourite day with Allison was
: The first day we met in frosh week when we were seadogs together. I remember how friendly she was, chatting with the whole group of complete strangers while we were waiting in line for lunch.I knew we would be instant best buds!

My favourite night with Allison was: the summer night we shared some of our favourite songs with each other at her apartment on Osgoode,(She was the first person to get me onto Hey Rosetta!) and had some of the best life chats over many glasses of vino.

I would build Allison:
a house of skittles with a thousand Justin Bieber cut outs for her viewing pleasure. This house would also include a massive collection of Dave Matthews cds, an industrial size air conditioner and spare room for me to visit her on the reg.

One of Al’s best lines ever was: something to do with “changing her panties”.

In 5 years, you’ll find Allison: Running show in T.O., as a successful marketing mogul, just as intelligent, just as loving and sharing her life with someone who is just as incredible as she is.

Sea Dogs!

From JESS:

“Can you give me a head rub…”

In one word, Allison is: Loyal.

You’ll never find Allison: Without my hands attached to her head. Since 2006, this woman has made me touch, stroke or fiddle with her hair at all times.

My favourite day with Allison was: Easily the day we met, second day of 1st year. I told her I liked her jacket, she said she liked my shoes, and from that minute forward we were inseparable.

My favourite night with Allison was: Any of our ridiculous sleepovers featuring buns on head, pantlessness and slipper booties. Or seeing Coldplay or the Foo Fighters together three or so years back – the videos we took are all garbage because you can only hear our shrill screaming.

I would build Allison: A cottage in New Brunswick right down the beach from her parents’ with a room for DMB-signed acoustic guitars, a chef that only cooks breakfast all day long, a personal head masseuse to relieve me of my duties, a theatre playing funny YouTube clips, endless skittles, air-conditioners to cool her off, and her choice of Drake or Reggie Bush to accompany her on weekends. Oh, and a sign on her doorstep that says: “Life is short but sweet for certain.”

The face...

One of Al’s best lines ever was: “Can you guys seriously not smell anything?” (Allison face), “Can I put you down for a sec? Girl NEEDS to take her hoodie off.” (Allison face)

In 5 years, you’ll find Allison: An even more successful business professional than she is now, if that’s possible. She’ll still be brilliant and carefree in Toronto or some other big city working as a powerful executive in sports marketing, dating an amazing man who will share all of her passions and we’ll all be extremely jealous of, and absolutely killing it.


 Jenn’s comments to come – she’s gallivanting around Thailand today with Al in mind!

Happy Birthday Allison. We love you very, very much…in a nutshell.