26 Years of Sweet Kaylee Paré!

Happy Birthday to the one, the only, Kaylee Paré! So, we can admit it: we kind of like this girl… a lot. As you’ll see from the amazing testimonials below (with some photo evidence to boot!), Kaylee is nothing short of exquisite. Our fearless, stylish and endlessly loving best friend has accomplished so many commendable things in her 26 years – for one million reasons – but mainly, because she knows who she is and maintains what is important in life. We can’t express how much we love and appreciate your glimmering presence in our lives, Kayls, but hopefully the nuts, your many friends, family members, co-workers and more have done the trick below. We hope you have a day as fabulous as you are and keep doing whatever you’re doing, Kayoncé – because you are adored far and wide.

Kaylee Birthday 1_1

Kaylee Birthday 2


Kaylee Birthday New

Kaylee Birthday 4

Kaylee Birthday 5final

Kaylee Birthday 6

Kaylee Birthday 7


  1. Dee says:

    Oh…wow…nuts- you’ve done it again!!! Tears, smiles, swelling heart, pride ♥

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