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Top Halloween Costumes… FTB

By: In a Nutshell Guest Contri“Beaut”tors Ken Essex @essex88 / Allan Gordon @agordo12   Ladies and Gents, welcome to Ken and Allan’s Beauty Column. Now, at first glance you may […]

Man’s Digest: What NOT to do on Valentine’s Day

You’re invited! Who? Bachelors, Boyfriends, Husbands What? To celebrate matters of the heart Why? Because those you love would like to be reminded of it When? Tuesday, February 14th First and […]

Man’s Digest: Gift-Giving

Besides endless Sex and the City reruns, the time it takes us to get all dolled up and ‘that time of the month’, I’d say the biggest struggle a man […]

wel dressed

Man’s Digest: What NOT To Wear

So, I’m working away at my desk yesterday when a colleague excitedly comes over to me. We work in the city, and he’s spent his lunch-break in the department store next […]

Man’s Digest: Perfect Date

There are many things that the ladies behind inanutshell love about our little blog that could. Every hit, word of encouragement, comment from someone new is appreciated and discussed between […]