Mulligans: a new golf game in town


In the game of golf, a “mulligan” refers to a chance to do-over a shot. So, when a golf bar called Mulligans opens in downtown Ottawa, you can’t help but […]

Panago Pizza Ottawa

Panaga Panorama

Ok, I’ll say it. We’re pizza monsters. As much as we try to eat well, exercise and generally live a healthy lifestyle, pizza will always be one of our vices. […]

Cheers to Five Years


Friends of this blog will have heard this story before: Five friends, newly graduated from university, sipped on wine one fateful night and came up with the idea to start […]

Eat, Drink, Spring!

Summer Punch

Ok guys, this is not a drill. The warm weather is actually here (finally). Although we’ve seen some brisk temperatures over the past few weeks, the daily “highs” are now […]

Bridal Shower Gift Guide

bridal shower banner

‘Tis the season of showers! I wrote about my favourite gifts to bring to a baby shower a few weeks back and today I’m turning my attention towards bridal showers. […]

Fairouz Ottawa


Ottawa has gone through a dry spell this year. There have been few restaurant openings and even fewer who have made a really big splash. So, when you discover an […]

Recent Beauty Buys vol. 2

Makeup Banner

After my first installment of Recent Beauty Buys, I got a lot of positive feedback (albeit a few people did tell me I killed their budgets). I have always been […]

Brunch Club: Friends with Benedicts

br epic

It’s a well-known fact that Brunch is the best meal going. Breakfast? For suckers. Lunch? For punks. Dinner? Forget about it. Brunch is that sweet spot, where a breakfast sandwich […]

And We Danced …


Some people took art lessons, did karate, spent countless hours at the rink perfecting figure skating techniques, or battling in hockey games. Some did science experiments in their bedrooms, or […]

Baby Shower Gift Guide

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If you’re in your mid-to-late twenties like we are, chances are your friends are starting to get married and have babies. (What? When did we become adults?!) With spring officially […]