Go with the FLOAT


The first time I heard about floating, I was told that 90 minutes in a float tank was equal to five hours of sleep. UM — WHAT? You have my attention. […]

[Fall] Back Into Routine


Ok guys, despite the many protests I’ve seen on social media for the past few weeks that #summersnotover, tomorrow, it actually is (cue collective sobs from everyone). It’s been an […]

Nine reasons to go to Iceland


Croatia. Turkey. Peru. New Zealand. Morocco. Kenya. What do all of those countries have in common? Well, they’ve all been on my travel bucket list for almost a decade. Beyond those […]

Hot Wings & Sweet Memories: St. Louis Turns 10

St Louis 3

There are many things that can make a restaurant great. It can be exquisitely prepared dishes, or creative craft cocktails. Maybe it’s a beautifully designed space, or a memory of […]

Queen of California


I feel super fortunate to have traveled to both New York City and Las Vegas within the last year (more importantly, sharing those trips with you nuts!) – but my […]

Ten Years of The Ten Spot

ten spot 2

Isn’t it appropriate after my last post, that I’m kicking off the week with ANOTHER 10 year anniversary? This time, I’m talking about the ten year anniversary of a beauty […]

When you feel old, but it’s ok (an homage to the early 2000’s)

Early 2000s

GUYS, I’m feeling like a grandma today. Let me elaborate. On Tuesday night, MTV aired the 10 year anniversary special for The Hills, which I watched last night. As ridiculous […]

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Kylie Jenner lip kits.

Lip Kits

I am a fan of the Kardashians. There – I said it. Judge me all you want (my friends/family/common sense) do all the time, but I just can’t help it. […]

Recent Beauty Buys vol. 3

Beauty Buys Cover Photo

What have I been testing out and loving lately? Read on for my latest must-haves… 1. Laura Mercier Silk Crème Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation Foundation is a super-personal product, […]

The Booklist | volume 2

The Booklist vol 2 Banner

I am back with Volume 2 of The Booklist – ‘Summer Reads’ edition! Looking for that perfect book to curl up with on the porch or by the water, cold […]