Midday Musings

5 things we wish we knew before entering the workforce


A fact about entering the working world, that many fail to realize, is that if you are not willing to making some sort of sacrifice in your early working years, […]

Midday Musings

Happy Monday, nuts! I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week promises to be a good one – it’s almost Easter! I can’t wait to spoil my nephews with […]

Lemon Raspberry Loaf


Here’s a super easy (and yummy) loaf recipe for a sweet breakfast treat or a perfect pairing with afternoon tea : ) Ingredients: 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 cup […]

Investment Pieces for Spring 2014


There’s no greater excuse for over-spending, then a change of season (okay, maybe there are a few others…) So why not greet spring with renewed shopping habits? Investing in a […]

In a nutshell with Andrew James Eades

moscow tea room

INDULGE – DREAM – ESCAPE Those are the three words that Executive Chef Andrew James Eades (more affectionately known as “Bubba”) uses to describe the soon-to-open Moscow Tea Room. The […]

Bluesfest 2014: Who are YOU excited for?

bluesfest lineup

We’re big fans of RBC’s Ottawa Bluesfest around these parts. With three of us having grown up in Ottawa and the other two having lived here throughout University, Bluesfest has […]

Spring Refresh Playlist: For Your Groovy Mom


I’ve made my darling Mother mixed tapes and CDs for years. Because, there’s no denying it – our generation’s parents grew up during one of the most interesting eras in […]

Currently Craving: Spring

spring banner

Seriously, I’m in need of a season change. Although “spring” arrived on the calendar, it’s still been cold and blustery here in Ottawa. That being said, I’m currently craving things that […]

Best Ever Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies


So, it’s March. And… it’s still awful out. That is, if you’re living in or around our nation’s capital. Making it the coldest/longest winter on record in 20 years in […]

5 New Albums to Get Your Hands On Now

St Vincent

Like some people with their Starbucks card (cough – Kaylee), I like to keep my iTunes account stocked with plenty of credit to go towards new tunes. These past two […]