26 Years of Sweet Kaylee Paré!


Happy Birthday to the one, the only, Kaylee Paré! So, we can admit it: we kind of like this girl… a lot. As you’ll see from the amazing testimonials below (with […]

A New Brew in Town

lowertown brewery

After a week of chilly, rainy weather I was finally able to take in some rays on Monday and hit up a patio. My lunch companion and I decided to […]

Five Toronto restaurants to satisfy your every craving


Toronto’s roster of restaurants seems to evolve by the day, with constant chef changes, closures relocations and so. many. openings. It can be difficult to keep up. Here are 5 […]

Peaks of the Week


This week, Meghan logged some much needed time in her backyard oasis with her best friends and puppy. Kaylee came to visit Ottawa and so the nuts spent 24 hours […]

Ottawa summer, please stay


We in a nutshell girls consider ourselves to be pretty positive people. So, even though Mother Nature has turned on us in the last few days, bringing cold weather to […]

10 Brand New Songs That Embody Summer


Maybe I’m being a Debbie downer, but at least I’m being a realistic one when I state the obvious: summer is winding down. It’s halfway through August and before we […]

Ladies Who Lunch…Alone

dining alone

It will come as no surprise to long-time readers of the blogs that we nuts love a good meal out. There’s nothing quite like sharing a meal over good conversation […]

In memory of Robin Williams

Obit Robin Williams

For a man whose life was riddled with darkness, he so easily brought joy and laughter to millions of people around the world. His comedic genius, knack for impressions, remarkable […]

Peaks of the Week


With summer flying by at the speed of light, the nuts are embracing every last minute of fun, with spontaneous Osheaga trips, ice cream indulgence, lake side escapes and restaurant […]

Summer Beauty Essentials


Can it be that we’ve already passed the half-way point of summer? I don’t want to believe it. Luckily, this weekend, 4/5 nuts will be reunited for a weekend of […]