Our television debut! … In a nutshell.

So we know that we are absolutely bombarding the social media universe with our excitement over this morning’s events, but we had an absolute blast on CTV Ottawa Morning Live, today.ctv2

When an idea is born one night between friends, over a few bottles of wine, in a tiny apartment, and you run with that idea – you run with it so far and so fast that it surpasses your every expectation – well, when that happens, you are proud of yourselves.

Today was the first of what we hope is many more television appearances. Not because we want to spend every Thursday night tearing our closets apart figuring out what to wear, but because our blog has come a long way since May 15, 2011. It’s come a long way from five best friends spread across two provinces saying: “Hi, I hope you like what we have to say.”

We know we say it a lot, but there is absolutely no way we could have accomplished what we have at this point without the support of each and every one of our readers. If it’s your first time here, well then, we hope you stay a while, because there are big things coming from these five hearts. That’s a promise.

If you missed our segment on CTV Ottawa Morning Live this morning here it is:

And if you want more info on everything (+more) we talked about this morning, check out the links below. We try to take every opportunity to underscore how proudly Canadian we are, and there’s no better reason to shout it from the rooftops then on Canada Day.

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10 Examples of How Canadian Music Has Never Been Better

We hope you have an absolutely wonderful long weekend, and if  you’re lucky enough to spend it with your best friends, well, in a nutshell, there’s nothing better.

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  1. Darla says:

    Way to go, loved seeing you on CTV today…. and played it over and over again on utube..congratulations!

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