Despite fitting into the category of “not yet seen it”, I think it’s still fair for me to say that this is one of the single most effective soundtrack songs I’ve heard in ages – coaxing me daily from my headphones to slide out of my seat and into one where I can finally catch the newest talked-about action flick Drive. The hot artsy-meets-action movie, which follows Ryan Gosling as a stunt-driver by day/getaway driver by night, will seem all the more appealing to any others who haven’t yet caught it – as soon as the addictive soundtrack single “Nightcall” rolls on and the pound of Daft Punk contributor Kavinsky knocks in alongside CSS singer Lovefoxx‘s shiny sweet vocals.

As you probably have gathered, I tend to notice music above all else. Music in movies, music in stores, music spilling from the apartment building across from mine when I’m trying to sleep; all of these are inevitably going to catch my attention, and prompt further exploration from my end. So, I guess I’m following in regular suit, having first heard the explosive single before even getting my movie ticket ripped. Still, no excuses – I love this song far too much to go one more week without catching the supposedly phenomenal movie, of which I’ve been told several times I will love.

So, before I and maybe you, get the chance to park it in the theatre, let me provide you with this sparkly new tune after the long weekend. I apologize in advance, because it’s going to make you want the weekend, again. Either way, let’s just cyber-hold-hands and savour the dark, electro beat of this robotic new-age track, all the while imagining how fantastic it must be when set to Ryan Gosling’s (presumably quite sexy) stunt-driving rage in the thriller at a theatre near you.

Have you seen Drive? Tell us what you think of the wild getaway-driver flick, and leave a comment about what you think of this massive tune!


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